I Didn't Know I Loved You Then

I am KAT Taylor. I was born 1993, I died in 2012, August 17th to be exact! I wouldn't say being dead is better than living, but it does have its advantages, like walking through people, scaring my enemies from life, visiting my family, oh and falling in love with him! But you don't get this, let me explain...


3. In The Flat

I got in Niall's car and he began to drive. To be honest I thought I was gonna fall through the seat, I guess it's a stereotype (Good thing too. hahahaha)

We arrived at the flat and I knew them all I had visited my step brother, Liam Payne multiple times. He wrote about me in his diary a lot (I peek!) which I find sweet! But he hadn't told the other boys about me, maybe because he is too sad (Go ahead tell yourself that KAT.)! I had a feeling being in the flat wouldn't end too well...

"KAT this is," I know Louis, I say in thoughts "Louis" Lou shake her hand!!! Niall urged Louis to shake the airs hand, I felt so bad! "Dude nobody is there! I love ya lad but no one is standing in front of me right now..." He trailed off while Niall turned to look at me.                                                                      Niall and Louis' fight:                                                                                                                                      N: You dumb ass! Don't be an ass, Louis just shake KAT's hand!                                                                  L: Dude nothing is there! I am not lying!                                                                                                          N: *Throws a punch at Louis and misses*                                                                                                       L: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH You gettin physical!!!!!! *hits Niall in the face*                    N:IDIOT f*** off Lou come KAT we'll say hi to the others! *glares at Louis*


Once everyone says they didn't see me we went into his room "I don't get why they were so rude to you they are never like that!"   "Actually Niall I need to tell you something important!"  "Anything, love"  "Yeah, uh don't freakout or anything but, touch my arm, just do it!"  "Uh okay KAT uh *reaches out and his hand goes through my pale skin* OH MY F***ING GOD YOUR A GHOST!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!"      "N-Niall listen I won't hurt you or anything! I kinda have had feeling for you since 8th grade! Please just listen."       "Okay whatever."

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