Kidnapped by one direction, why me?

kate is a normal girl, and an only child. her best friends and her all go to school one day but when kate gets home, she experiences a life changing event. What is it?


4. welcome to london!

i woke up in the back of a car with my head on someones lap. i squinted, trying to play it off that i was still asleep, and saw that the  one wearing stripes was the ones lap i was on, i think his name is louis. i sat up and rubbed my head, it really hurt. must be the drugs that they used. i noticed something unusual about my surroundings, first there were no mountains and the  steering wheel of the car was on the right side of the car instead of the left.

harry said calmly in his thick british accent

"welcome to london!'

"you took me out of the country?!"

"sure did love"

"fuck you all. i hope you rot in hell!"

Another boy, i think liam, turned around and said

" watch your language>"

"fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck you!"

they all shut up after that. i pulled out my phone from my back pocket, surprisingly it was stil there,idiots. i texted hailey a picture of the boys and told her i was in england with them.

she responded i know.

how did she know?

i asked her "how do you know

" the boys stopped by my place and told my parents and me that harry was your uncle and was your legal guardian and not to worry."

"what the hell that is a total lie and you know that.

"i know, now go spend some time with your uncle harry.


A/N hey guys sorry for slow update havent had time or computer lately but i promise i will try to update evry day. love you uys

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