Kidnapped by one direction, why me?

kate is a normal girl, and an only child. her best friends and her all go to school one day but when kate gets home, she experiences a life changing event. What is it?


3. them

we all walked to the waiting room and sat down. Apparantly there was a man with something for me coming and i was supposed to wait here. a man in a suit walked up to me, reached in his jacket and pulled out an envelope. he then walked out of the room. i opened the letter and it said my parents last wishes.

stay in school and stay in the house. there is enough money left under the floorboard in the kitchen, the fifth one to the left of the stove. we love you

i put the letter back into the envelope and walked towards the exit. the door was straight down the hallway, but i was zoned out. becuase of thisi walked into a boy with curly brown hair and stunning green eyes. Harry Styles, from one direction. 

"Excuse me"

but harry didnt move. i pushed past him and sat on a waiting chair while hailey and joie got pictures and autographs. hailey whispered something into harrys ear and i could tell it was about my parents. he turned around an said

" im sorry for your loss."

i nodded in response and walked out to the cab. we all got in and went to haileys house, i didnt want to be alone.

3 days later

"bye!" i yelled to hailey as i walked into my house. i ran up the stairs and got onto my laptop and onto Facebook.

i heard something messing with the door downstairs, but just figured it was the wind. i continued for a few more minutes then went downstairs to get some cereal. the tv in the living room was on and three unfamiliar figure were on my couch. right before i was about to say something, a hand was slipped over my mouth. instinctivley bit down and kicked backwards.  i turned around and saw harry styles holding his hand in pain. 

"what was that for!?"

"you coming into my house uninvited!"

i backed up away from harry. if i could get upstairs, i could lock my door and call the police. as i was about to exit the kitchen, i backed into someone.

"where do you think your going love?"

" to my room and away from you."

one direction was in my house and hailey wasnt here. she would never believe me when i told her. as i was trying to push past zayn, something poked into my arm and then everything went black.


A/N hey guys just a reminder i have homework and will try to update everyday but might not. also i dont really feel like this about one direction. i loooooooooooove them. you should see my room....


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