Kidnapped by one direction, why me?

kate is a normal girl, and an only child. her best friends and her all go to school one day but when kate gets home, she experiences a life changing event. What is it?


2. Nooooooo!

Kates pov

John and Amy Edwards, fatal condition. my parents they were the ones in the crunch rollover. I called their phones and a nurse answered she said she was sending a taxi for me to the hospital. i cant drive, im 15. i called hailey, my best friend in the world, and told her what happened. within five minutes she was at my house, and she must have called Joie, my other friend, because she was there too. the cab arivede a few minutes later and we all got in.The ride to the hospital  was deathly silent. as soon as we got to the hospital i asked the nurse where my parents room was. as soon as i found out i ran tghere. the doctor stopped me bbefore i could go in, and told me i had to wait until they woke up. about an hour later, the doctor told me i could go in, my dad woke up. i went in and i could tell he and mom werent going to make it. my dad pulled me into a hug and i cried into his shoulder.

My dad: " dont cry, i want you to know that your mom and i love you so much,"

he was interupted by a long and steady beep. i glanced over at my moms monitor and saw it flatlined, i screamed for help. the doctor and a nurse came in and tried to revive her, but failed. she was gone, i knew my dad didnt have much time left , so he continued

"  i know i dont have much time left and i want you to know that we dont want this to keep you from moving on, i want you to keep the house and take care of yourself, there is a man downstairs and he will give you everything you need."

 his eyes fluttered shut and his monitor flatlined, i told the nurse what happened and also my friends.
i just lost my parents, my world, my everything.



 sorry for slow update dont get good internet at my grammas. like favorite comment, anything!

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