MINNIE (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Harry Styles doesn't know that I had his baby. All this time I've been okay with keeping it that way. I figure it would only ruin his career if I ran into his life with a kid, so I just kinda keep the whole thing to myself. I mean, I think I've done a pretty good job in the past year. But honestly, I don't want Minnie growing up without a dad. I did, and I hated it. Maybe the time has come to finally tell Harry that he has a baby girl.


21. Twenty One

***Important Message!*** Heyoo lovelies, just letting you know that you are more than welcome to shoot some ideas at me in the comments. Believe it or not, you all mean a lot to me, and I certainly care about your opinions! Plus, I think I running out of things to write about. Thank you soo much guys! much love xoxo 

Oh and don't worry, I'm hoping to update soon, but i've got a super bad case of writers block! Pretty please leave your comments! <3 


My mom texted me saying WE NEED TO TALK, and it made me quite nervous. I missed her, although I'd only been gone for 3 days. In that span of time, she'd called me over thirty times and I'd lost count on how many texts I'd received from her alone. 

Harry never left me alone with the boys, knowing that they tended to act awkward around me. They obviously didn't see Harry as a father figure, and I understood that. But sometimes I felt as if they didn't like me. Harry endlessly tried to convince me otherwise. "Hey Stella, you wanna come with us to the beach tomorrow night, we're going night swimming. You're welcome to join along." Louis offered kindly, during my trip to the kitchen. 

"That's sounds really great. I'll um, I'll think about it." He nodded at me with a wink and jogged off to his room. Harry trotted over to me, holding my waist and pecking at my jaw. 

"What was that about?" he asked cheekily. 

"He invited me to the beach. But I don't have anybody to watch Minnie. You guys can have fun, though. I'll stay here." I sighed, pouring water into a tall glass cup. I turned around to face him and smiled. His expression transformed into a frown and his bottom lip came out in a pout. 

"But I want you there." I kissed his pink lips and sat in the living room. He joined me, letting a moment of silence pass before he spoke clearly again. "I think you should talk to your mom." 

"Why? She practically hates me right now."

"She can't hate you. She's your mom." I shook my head at his words. "She loves you." He kissed my cheek slowly as I held onto the pillow in my lap. "Go talk to her, Stella." I groaned in frustration. 

"I'll call her." I muttered, pulling my phone out of my sweatpants and dialing her number.


"Stella? Oh my sweet girl." I could hear her voice crack. "How are you? Are you alright? Are you somewhere safe? With Harry?"

"Mom, I'm fine." I hinted with attitude. 

"Baby come home." she bleated. "I can't believe how I talked to you the other day. I'm so sorry, Stella. I know your life has been hard lately and I shouldn't have done that. I was just feeling down."

"I-" My yucky sickness interrupted me, making me cough loudly into the phone.

"Honey, are you sick?" she asked. "You shouldn't be around the baby." I looked at Harry as he strutted over to me with Minnie in his arms. I hadn't even seen him leave the couch. 

"Harry's got her, Mom." Awkward silence washed over. 

"Estelle, come home." 

"Okay." I whispered, not able to speak aloud because I knew that tears were threatening to pour out. "I'll um, I'll be over at around five." She laughed, feeling relieved on the other line. "Oh! And mom?"

"What is it sweet heart?" 

"Minnie sat up by herself yesterday." I said, excitedly, letting her know of the amazing discovery. 

"Oh my goodness thats wonderful. I can't wait to see my love bug." 

"I love you, Mama." I told her. 

"I love you more, angel face." I could sense her tired smile and hung up the phone, finally feeling relaxed. I stared at Harry, waiting for him to say something.


"Feel better?" he asked, rubbing my thigh. I nodded. 

"Thank you for forcing me to do that." I kissed him, and took Minnie. 

"I'm gonna miss you in my bed." he grumbled, making me laugh. I have to admit, we'd had lots of fun the past couple of days, and I'd miss it too. Suddenly I noticed that Zayn had entered the room and took a seat on one of the other couches. 

"Yeah," he chuckled. "You're a screamer."  

"You little prick." Harry mumbled towards him, causing them to both die out in laughter. I rolled my eyes and stood up to put my cup in the sink. "Babe! He was just kidding!" Harry followed. They're such boys.

"Hold her while I pack my stuff." I sighed, handing Minnie over and striding to Harry's bedroom. 

Surprisingly, I couldn't wait to get home. 

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