MINNIE (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Harry Styles doesn't know that I had his baby. All this time I've been okay with keeping it that way. I figure it would only ruin his career if I ran into his life with a kid, so I just kinda keep the whole thing to myself. I mean, I think I've done a pretty good job in the past year. But honestly, I don't want Minnie growing up without a dad. I did, and I hated it. Maybe the time has come to finally tell Harry that he has a baby girl.


24. Twenty Four

My body was rocking, and it was making me feel a bit nauseous. I opened my eyes to see Harry driving, his green orbs on the bumpy road. He was tired, and without a shirt on. I smiled, remembering that he'd clothed me with it after our wild night. It was already getting light outside, and I'd fallen asleep in the backseat. The car suddenly came to a stop, and Harry looked back at me. "Well, good morning my love." I yawned, covering my mouth and letting out a tiny giggle while sitting up. I noticed that we were in front of my house, and I frowned. Harry stretched his neck, and kissed me gently. I nuzzled into him, feeling his warmth.  His neck tasted like salt, and he hummed as I slithered my tongue across his collarbone. He lifted my head and kissed me again, harder this time. "I love you." he said, smiling. My heart bursts every time he says it. 

"I love you, too." I grinned. I scooted out of the car and strutted to my front door, making sure to blow him a kiss before I entered. I could see his bright smile and his wide green eyes staring at me. 

I looked at the clock on the wall that read 5 am. I sighed and collapsed onto my bed, instantly falling into a deep sleep again where Harry took over my dreams. 


I heard some ruffling, that woke me from my peace. I opened my eyes just in time to see Mom walk down the front hall and out the door. I was so tired, that I couldn't force myself up to see where she was going. So I went back to sleep. 

I didn't wake up again until later on, when Minnie started fussing. I hopped up, happy to see my baby. I kissed her face and set her on my hip while I trotted to the kitchen. My eyes were rubbed several times as I searched for something to eat. I put Minnie in her high chair and gave her a bottle of juice while I went to go put some pants on. I came back in gray sweats to get some cheerios. Minnie shoved one by one into her mouth, making me laugh whenever she dropped one. She happily ate her breakfast and finished her juice. Then I pushed the chair into the living room so that she could watch cartoons.

I was sprawled out on the couch watching Dora the Explorer when Mom walked in a few hours later. I didn't look at her at first, because my neck was hurting from staying in the same position for so long. She didn't greet me, just stuck her head in the fridge until I gained enough strength to join her in the kitchen. She was startled when she popped her head back up, a bottle of water in hand. I gasped at the sight of the huge purple mark on her forehead. "You went back to him?" I firmly spoke, irritated by her foolishness.

"I got my car back. Don't worry about me, Sweets. I'm fine."

"No you're not Mom! Why didn't you just forget about the car?" I shouted, making her wince. 

"Don't raise your voice at me, Estelle. I am a grown woman and I did what I had to do." My veins bubbled with anger and my face went hot. 

"And now look whats happened to you! This is not over, Mom!" I grabbed my keys off of the hook and jogged out, knowing that she wouldn't have enough time to chase after me with the baby. I started the engine to my car and sped off to William's. Because nobody was going to treat my mother that way. 


*WARNING: Things are about to get cray-cray :D <3

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