MINNIE (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Harry Styles doesn't know that I had his baby. All this time I've been okay with keeping it that way. I figure it would only ruin his career if I ran into his life with a kid, so I just kinda keep the whole thing to myself. I mean, I think I've done a pretty good job in the past year. But honestly, I don't want Minnie growing up without a dad. I did, and I hated it. Maybe the time has come to finally tell Harry that he has a baby girl.


36. Thirty Six

"So, where's Mr. Styles, today?" the nurse asked, spreading the jelly across my little belly. It was barely there, but I already felt fat. 

"He... um, he's gone back to his hometown to take care of some things. For his band." 

"Oh." she said awkwardly, using her tool. "Well, here it is." I looked at the screen and smiled. But then frowned, because there was no one here to hold my hand or kiss my head. "Would you like to know the sex of your baby?" 

"No, Ma'am." I replied politely. She smiled and scribbled some stuff on a clipboard as I observed the heart beat. It was even at first and then it went faster when I chuckled. I bit my lip and clenched my fist. 

"Alright you sit tight while I just bring these over to Dr. Morello. Do you have any questions?" 

"When can I travel by plane?"

"Oh, well I'd say you're allowed to by now. But I better double check with the doctor first." she nodded and stepped out. I was dying to see him. I literally craved Harry's skin, his smell, that seductive look in his eyes. His breath, his smooth skin, his huge hands and soft lips. It's been almost six weeks since I've seen him. I mean, time flew but at the same time, it felt like forever. Although he called me everyday, I feel like we lost our connection. He doesn't seem interested in what I have to say, he's always nonchalant, never enthusiastic about anything anymore. And he always has something to do, go to a meeting, sing at yet another event, be at an interview, play ball with the boys. He just seems to be living on cloud 9 while his pregnant fiance sits at home thousands of miles away. 


"Babe." I said into the phone. "Babe." I repeated, when I didn't get a response. 


"The doctor said that I can fly now."

"That's good."

"Are you listening to me?" 

"Yeah." then he started laughing. 

"Whats so funny?"

"Nothing, I'm with the boys."

"So you didn't hear what I said."

"You said you can fly." He laughed again and I rolled my eyes. 

"Are you smoking something or what?" I accused. 

"No, Stella listen I'm tired. I think I'm gonna hit the sack."

"You're an asshole." I muttered. 

"Love you, bye." I gasped when he hung up on me, and whimpered. It was proof that he didn't hear a single word that came out of my mouth. My eyes relaxed on the road as I drove smoothly on the busy street, gripping the wheel.

My relationship is falling apart. What if he's too busy for a family? He wouldn't dare drop the band. Harry loves us, but sometimes I wonder just how much he loves us. He-

My thoughts were interrupted when a car swerved in my direction. I panicked, and took a sharp turn towards the shoulder lane. Then I crashed into a light pole.  

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