MINNIE (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Harry Styles doesn't know that I had his baby. All this time I've been okay with keeping it that way. I figure it would only ruin his career if I ran into his life with a kid, so I just kinda keep the whole thing to myself. I mean, I think I've done a pretty good job in the past year. But honestly, I don't want Minnie growing up without a dad. I did, and I hated it. Maybe the time has come to finally tell Harry that he has a baby girl.


6. Six

"How'd it go, sweetie?" my mother asked, with Minnie crying in her arms. When I took her, she immediately stopped crying. I sighed and sat down on the couch next to Mom. 

"He didn't believe me. He said that she can't be his. Mom, you should have seen the way he looked at me, like if I was a fool. He thinks that I just want his money."

"Why would you lie about having his child?" She became angry, as she furrowed her brows and clenched her fists. 

"That's exactly what I told him! But then I gave him a picture of her, and now he wants to see her."

"Are you gonna let him see her?"

"I mean, yeah. It would we wrong not to. Right?" she nodded. "But I don't know when. He gave me his number." I said, showing her my arm. "I'm tired. I think I'll just go to bed and call him tomorrow." I stood up and kissed her cheek. "Goodnight."

I took Minnie along to my room and laid her on my bed. I sat at her feet with my legs crossed and tickled her tummy. She flashed her gums at me and I grinned. "Do you want to meet your daddy..." I whispered. Her little tongue came out and she kicked her feet as she giggled. I kissed her face and swept her hair to the side. "I love you, pretty girl." I sighed and stood up to lay her in her crib beside my bed. She didn't fuss like she usually does, and she fell asleep easily. I was so grateful that I was able to just flop on my bed and let my thoughts drown me to sleep. 


I dreamed of Harry, crying. But I didn't know why. I asked him over and over again what was wrong, but it was like he couldn't see me. He continued to ignore me as I talked to him and ran my fingers through his soft ringlets. It was the strangest thing.

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