MINNIE (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Harry Styles doesn't know that I had his baby. All this time I've been okay with keeping it that way. I figure it would only ruin his career if I ran into his life with a kid, so I just kinda keep the whole thing to myself. I mean, I think I've done a pretty good job in the past year. But honestly, I don't want Minnie growing up without a dad. I did, and I hated it. Maybe the time has come to finally tell Harry that he has a baby girl.


44. Forty Four

Here's another funny thing... Harry's birthday was three days later. But he didn't want a party. "I just want you here." Is all he said. 

The doorbell rang, and Harry got up off the couch to get it, while I cradled a sleeping Minnie in the gap between my body and the arm of the sofa. I heard a woman's voice, and when I turned my head, Anne was behind me. "Did you think I was going to let the day pass without coming to say happy birthday to my precious baby boy?" She kissed all over his face and he blushed. It made me think of my mom, and how I terribly missed her. I played with my fingernail and I looked down at my lap, letting them have their mother-son time. My arm had fallen asleep, so I quickly pulled it out without waking Minnie. I stood to my feet and waddled around the couch to give Anne a hug. 

"Oh, hello sweet girl." she kissed my forehead. It was getting dark out, so I decided to start dinner. On my way to the kitchen, I heard the front door open and lots of footsteps. I peeked through the entrance to see the boys tackling Harry with love. I giggled. 

"We're going out tonight." Liam stated, and they all looked at me for approval. I rolled my eyes and grinned and they all went buck wild with excitement. Harry jumped upstairs to change. 

"Louis... A word please." I shouted from the kitchen, and soon his figure was right beside me. I smirked at him. "No strippers, no nudity, no- Just, no females." 

"Aye aye captain." He slapped a smooch on my cheek and ran out. I let the vegetables simmer in the steaming pan as I stood in the doorway, waiting for Harry to come and say goodbye to me. I saw him kiss Minnie's head, with his collar pointing upwards. He approached me, and right away I started fixing his shirt. 

"Have fun, but not too much fun. Don't get drunk, and if you do, don't drive. And if all of you are drunk, then call me and I'll come and get you." I felt like I was his mother, who happened to be standing just a few feet away. I grabbed his face and kissed him, pushing his curls back with my dainty fingers. "Love you."

"I love you more." he said, smiling and wiping the corners of his mouth. 

"Wait!" I bleated, before he could turn away. I reached up to his ear and whispered, "Your zipper's down." I felt around his jeans and pulled the metal up, and he grunted in my ear. "There you go." I said sweetly, all happy and smiley. 

"Thanks, babe." he laughed and turned away. I shot a wink at the boys and they waved at me. 


"So I guess it's just you and I." Anne sighed, joining me in the kitchen. "You don't mind if I keep you company, do you?"

"Oh, no of course not. You're lovely to be around." I assured her, making her smile. 

"Oooh look at that rock. It's bigger than mine." She put her left hand up to show me her ring. "It's gorgeous." she told me, and I twisted the shiny silver on my finger. 

"Thank you." I served her a plate of food and we ate at the dinette together. We talked about tons of different things, for hours. Minnie woke up, and I sighed, frustrated because I knew that now she would take ages to fall asleep again later. She just crawled up to us, and Anne picked her up.

"Are you excited to get a new brother or sister?" she asked her, and Minnie just giggled. "Yes? Do you like to touch Mummy's tummy?" she put her hand on my belly, and I let her feel around. "Oh, I can't wait." she said happily, smiling at me.

"Me either." I patted against the baby and stood up. I read the clock that said 12:39 am. My phone started ringing. "Hi Harry."

"Hey, baby. Remememember when you asked me to pick us.. to... do you think, know, do..."

"Have you had a bit too much to drink, love?" 

"Mmmmhmmm. And Liam's thrown up everywhere." I sighed and giggled. "And... And... I miss you." 

"Where are you?"

"At the club up by the market." 

"Isn't that a gay club, Harry?" 

"I believe so..." I laughed at his confusion. 

"I'll be there soon. Be at the door, yeah?"

"Mmkay. I love you honeymuffinmcsnuggglepie." I almost fell to the floor in laughter, wondering how much of a fool he made himself tonight. 

"And I love you, Harry." I hung up and told Anne the situation, laughing in the process. "You're welcome to come along." She gladly followed me to the garage with Minnie on her hip. She strapped her in securely as I got in the driver's seat of Harry's gray escalade, the biggest car he owned. 


"I forgot to ask, why didn't Gemma tag along with you today?" I questioned, as I turned the corner of the street. 

"Oh, you know, she's still feeling pretty humiliated about the scene that Fredrick caused the other night."

"Oh." Was all I said. I parked in front of the club, music blasting through the doors and the smell of vodka lingering through the air. All of a sudden, four boys tumbled into the car, my boy nowhere to be found. I looked around until I heard a tap on the window and gasped. I rolled it down. "Jesus, Harry you scared me. He backed up, and a car was coming, so I grabbed him by the shirt and yanked him forward. His limp body slammed into the car. "Christ, Harry get in." He started mumbling stuff under his breath, and Anne started laughing. Then he stuck his tongue in my ear. "Ew." I giggled at his stupidity, but he kept trying. His tongue waved in my face, and all I could do was laugh. He started licking my face and I took him by the earlobe.

"Owwie. Owwie. Owwie." he gasped repeatedly and finally stopped. 

"Get in the damn car." I muttered, trying to cover my laugh. He got in, and sat next to Minnie's car seat. Niall was on the other side of her, and the other three were in the back, singing the theme song for THAT 70'S SHOW. Anne and I burst out in laughter as Harry kept telling them to shut up. Niall was asleep already, drooling on the window. I decided that I wasn't going to drop them off individually, so they were just gonna have to stay at our place. 

We got home, and I parked in the driveway. They all (literally) fell out of the car. "Thanks for the laugh sweetie, But I think I better get going. It's late, bye bye." She kissed my cheek about twenty times and went over to give Harry a hug. 

"Mummy...." he held onto her for dear life, and wouldn't let her go. We started chuckling again, and I had to peel him off. I saw Niall, awake and alert, holding Minnie. I rushed over, taking her out of his grip. I locked the car and went to the front of the house, assuming that they were following me. "It's dark out here!" Somebody yelled. "Happy Birfday to me!!!!!!!" Harry kept shouting, and I shushed him every time, because Minnie was actually falling asleep again. Finally, we all got inside, and Liam dashed to the bathroom to puke again. Niall fell asleep on the couch, and Louis was still singing. Zayn walked into the coat closet and closed the door. I giggled, opening the door and pulling him out. He smiled, not having the slightest clue what was going on. He walked up the stairs slowly, trying not the fall backwards. Harry followed him, screaming "Tonight lets get some!!!!!!!!" 

"Keep on dreaming, pretty boy." I mumbled, leading him to our room, I quickly went over to Minnie's nursery and put her in her crib. Then I walked back over. He was sat on my side of the bed with his hands up. I took this opportunity to slide his shirt off. It was damp and warm. I dropped on the floor and unbuckled his jeans. Once he stood there in his red underwear, I pushed him back into the bed, encouraging him to swing his feet in. I changed into a night gown and got on the other side of the bed. I felt Harry's body scoot over to mine. He put me in a spooning position and growled in my ear. I shut off the light as I laughed. 

"Goodnight Mummy." I squealed out a giggle, and he even laughed too. This was something I was never going to forget. 

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