MINNIE (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Harry Styles doesn't know that I had his baby. All this time I've been okay with keeping it that way. I figure it would only ruin his career if I ran into his life with a kid, so I just kinda keep the whole thing to myself. I mean, I think I've done a pretty good job in the past year. But honestly, I don't want Minnie growing up without a dad. I did, and I hated it. Maybe the time has come to finally tell Harry that he has a baby girl.


15. Fifteen

Harry was asleep on the couch with Minnie sprawled across his chest. I smiled to myself and approached them. He jolted when I ran my delicate fingers through his curls. He fluttered his eyes open and looked at me. "What time is it?" he asked. 

"Um, about two thirty in the morning." he sat up carefully while I reached for Minnie. I took her into my arms and went to my room the place her in her crib. When I came back out, Harry was slipping his shoes on and gathering his belongings. "You don't have to go, you know." I put my hands on his chest and grinned up at him as he leaned down to kiss me. He kicked his shoes off once again and I led him to my room. He swiftly brought his shirt over his head and dropped it to the wooden floor. I got under the comforter and made room for him beside me. I cradled my face in his neck and held on to his bare waist. He ran his fingertips up and down my spine and kissed my forehead. "I don't think I've forgiven you yet." I told him. 

He grabbed my face with his free hand and kissed me long and hard. "How. About. Now." he said between kisses. I just moaned in his mouth and kept kissing him. His tongue found its way through my lips and fumbled with mine. "Mmmm-okay," he mumbled, breaking our intimate kiss. "As much as I love your lips, we should go to sleep now because if this goes any further then we just might end up having another baby and naming it Mickey." I hit him in the shoulder for teasing me while he chuckled. "But I have to admit, you're turning me on right now." I looked into his glistening eyes and kissed him once more. He hummed. 

"Goodnight Harry." I whispered, returning to my previous position cradled into his neck. Our bodies molded together into a warm embrace until we fell into a deep sleep. 



*Sorry for such a short chapter, but at least its cute! Ps: Thank you for all of your support and lovely compliments! Please keep commenting, you guys are awesome!*

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