The Girl Without A Name

And then.... she smiled.


1. The Girl WIthout A Name

I pass her every day on her long and lonely walk to school. She always walks by herself. People zoom past her on their bikes, sniggering at the sight of her. True, she is different. She dresses differently. Her hair is always a messy tangle of dirty blonde curls. People never really notice her. No one but the teachers. Come to think of it... she is almost non-existent to the teachers as well.

It's almost as if she doesn't have a name.

People look at her like she is nothing more than thin-air. The air we breathe. Not a bad comparison, actually. Like the air, she is always there, but never seen.

People strut through life like everything's fine. No, it's not. Nothing's fine. I see her in class ever day. That is all I need to prove that nothing was fine. Well everyone else giggled amongst themselves while scribbling down notes and work and whatever, I just look at this girl. I don't know her name. Two years at this school, and no one knows her name. How messed up is that. 

I always tell people I hate her. I am in the 'cool group' at school, and here, no one accepts people who are different. I'm not 'mean'or 'stuck-up' ot whatever for saying I hate her when I don't know her. No, I'm just scared. I don't want people to think differently of me. I am happy where I am.

Am I?

Maybe I am just convincing myself that so I don't have to worry. But I still do worry. I don't feel good being here. I feel terrible. When you look around the school courtyard, there are people everywhere, playing basketball, sitting around, talking, whatever. This girl, though, she is always sitting in the very center of everything, yet no one knows. Is that what's making me worry? Is it my group of friends? Or is it her?

As I sit in class, half-listening to the teacher drone on about algbraic expressions, I notice her scribbling in the margin of her book. There are cute little drawings and everything, and there is some random letters and numbers written under the heading: YouTube username.

When I get home, I push my homework aside and look up the usernameon YouTube, which I had hurriedly wrote on my hand during class. There was a lyric song on the top of the list, and the song was called 'Never Surrender'. As I listen to the song, I read the description. This is what it says:

This is the song that keeps me going. It is my life story. I can relate to this song in every way possible. It saved my life. Thanks so much for listening.

Tears form in my eyes I read and listen.

"I don't wanna feel like this tomorrow

I don't wanna live like this today

Make me feel better

I need to feel better

Stay with me here now

and Never Surrender"

That's how the song goes. This is her life. This is like her oxygen mask in an ocean of loneliness and regret, her life support in a world that needs more of it.

I feel a pang of guilt. I had never stopped and said hi. Passing her everyday, seeing her everday, watching her die inside and doing nothing about it. Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow, I will do something. Tomorrow, I will save a life.

The next day- lunch

I spot my group of friends sitting where we usually sit. I smile and start to head over to them. Then I remember. Today, I'm on a mission. I'm going to make a difference.

I turn and start to head over towards the girl. She is sitting on the hot pavement, nibbling on a sandwich, watching the world spin around her, making her dizzy and letting her fall. there is no one there to pick her up. I decide to be the first. I promise myself that I will be the first.

'Hi.' I smile, sitting down beside her.

'Hey.' she whispers.

'I couldn't help but notice you looked a bit lonely... so do you want to talk?'

'Uh, yeah, I guess.' she said.

And then.... she smiled.


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