Just A Regular Girl (Cody Simpson Love Story)

Im just a regular girl, nothing exciting ever happens to me. But that all changed when I met Cody and Alli Simpson at one very interesting baseball game.


3. Chapter TWO

It’s been two weeks since I met Cody and Alli at the baseball game! Alli and I text all the time now! She even asked if we could hang out sometime! So, she came over to my house and we went to the beach. She couldn’t stop admiring me room. I always have known she would love it. She asked me yesterday if I had a twitter or instragram. I only have a fan girl account for her and Cody on twitter so I told her I didn’t have twitter but I told her my instagram name. We always post pictures together. She told me that I should create a twitter and she would give me some shout outs to help me get followers. So I created mine.

“ @BrahImKanani : Had so much fun today with @allisimpson ! Thanks for having me over girl”

“ @allisimpson : @BrahImKanani No problem girl! You know I love u! text meh!"

I saw her message and logged off twitter, which actually I had 500k followers on!

To: Allay Boo
From: Kanani
“Hey Wassup”

To: Kanani Babes
From: Alli
“ Cody is with Stella again tonight, can I sleepover at your place.”

To: Allay Boo
From: Kanani
“ Yeah sure see ya soon.”

Once Alli came over we gave each other makeovers, made a youtube video and creeped on her fans twitters. The usual, then we started talking.
Alli said “ K your gonna have to tell me sometime why you were crying at the baseball game.”
I replyed “ Its fine, Im fine now.”
Alli quickly said “ Oh ok then.”
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