Just A Regular Girl (Cody Simpson Love Story)

Im just a regular girl, nothing exciting ever happens to me. But that all changed when I met Cody and Alli Simpson at one very interesting baseball game.


4. Chapter THREE

Kanani’s POV:

It’s been about 5 months since I met Cody and Alli. Al...

“ @curdylovesgirls : Cody hates me”

“@codysimpson: @curdylovesgirls I don’t ha...

“ @curdylovesgirls : @codysimpson I’m pretty sur...

“ @codysimpson : @curdylovesgirls I love all my fans f...

I was completely shocked at what just happened! I was so in ...

“@codysimpson: @curdylovesgirls I’m not going to lie, I loved getting to know you, but you hurt my heart saying that “ I hate you” really… are you legit?

This was absolutely heartbreaking. After that I saw my timeline fill up with hate! It was horrible, I ran into my bathroom grabbed my razor and cut and cut and cut. I had never cut before but I just had to, it felt like the right time to start. Then I got a call from Alli.

Alli: Kanani! OMG! Did you see my brothers lastest tweets? He is toteally bashing this fan? Look at his tweets, he is toteally like full on out hating on her”

Kanani: Oh, I haven’t been on twitter in a while, what’s the fans username?

Alli: Oh, it’s ummm… @curdylovesgirls but serisouly like this girl deserves it! She sounds like a worthless piece of nothing if you ask me

Right then and there my heart broke, it stopped, it took every ounce of courage I had to say a few simple words.

Kanani: Oh, well I got to go talk to you later!

And after that I went back into my bathroom, got out my razor again. And cut and cut and cut. I cut all the way up to my elbows then quickly grabbed a towel wiping off the blood and put on a long sleeve t-shirt to cover up the soon to be ugly scars.

Alli’s POV:

I seriously cannot believe that Cody is bashing on this fan. I actually love it! Some people need to realize that Cody cannot love everyone and that he gets angry sometimes. But I think Kanani was kind of upset by all of this. I have no idea why, I mean its not like she’s a fan or anything. Maybe she was just having a bad day! I think I should check out what is new with twitter maybe even retweet some fans! I noticed all of ...

“@codyismybeachboy: @curdylovesgirls Can you just kill yourself already? The world would benefit if you weren’t alive”

“@simpsonismylife: @curdylovesgirls I hate you more than plastic bieber!”

“@codyisaclassy: @curdylovesgirls do you cut yourself already? If not you should start!”

I saw these and these weren’t even the worst! I actually almost cried seeing all this cyberbullying! Then I noticed that she tweeted something new and that broke my heart.

“@curdylovesgirls: Life isn’t worth living without you, your wishes will be granted! I’m not going to be living anymore @codysimpson @allisimpson

She tagged me in it?!?! How did she know what I thought about her? This seriously worries me so much! Then the worst thing of all is her lastest picture… it was of a nuse and a gun. The worst thing was right after that she de-activated her account. I guess I would never know if she was dead or alive. I decided to call Kanani but it said her number was disconnected… weird… maybe she was getting a new phone or something!

Cody’s POV:

Alli came running into my room crying. I just sat there watching her cry not knowing what to do. The words that came out of her mouth was something I never wanted to here.

Alli said “ That fan you were bashing! Yea they are gonna kill themselves! You should see the hate she was getting! Cody this is all your fault!!!!! You’re the reason that someone isn’t going to wake up tomorrow morning, you’re the reason someone is gonna put a gun next to their head! What in the world were you thinking?!?! And another bad thing is she deactivated her account so there is no way to get in contact with her!”

I just stood there shocked, in disbelief. Not knowing what to say. I began to cry. Knowing that this is all my fault that someone wanted to kill themselves, that they didn’t want to wake up in the morning.

Kanani’s POV:

After I posted all of those tweets I deleted my account. Not knowing what to do next. I started to cut again. I thought that it would help because I didn’t. So I went onto my personal twitter and tweeted Alli.

“ @BrahImKanani: @allisimpson girl you ok? I cant reach you!”

“@allisimpson: @BrahImKanani I’ll be fine did you get a new number?”

“@BrahImKanani: @allisimpson yea I did I’ll dm you it:-)”

I quickly Dm’ed Alli my new number and called me. Explained everything that happened on twitter and how her and her brother reacted. Personally I thought they didn’t care about “me” well they didn’t know it was me, so I don’t know. But they seemed to really take it to heart.

But sometimes I feel like everyone just wants me dead…
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