Just A Regular Girl (Cody Simpson Love Story)

Im just a regular girl, nothing exciting ever happens to me. But that all changed when I met Cody and Alli Simpson at one very interesting baseball game.


2. Chapter ONE

Kanani’s POV:
My dad took me to an Angels game where he was meeting one of his works friends. To be honest I think baseball is one of the most boring sports out there. But I went anyways. I walked into the suite that we were sitting in and saw that there were already some people sitting outside. My dads friend came up and said “Hi Kanani, how have you been?” I quickly responded saying “I’m good what about yourself.” Then he said “ Here I have some people I would like you to meet, they are my friends kids.” I didn’t hesitate to respond “ Yea, sure of course.”

When he walked up and called their names I was already shocked. But after they turned around I almost died inside. He said “ I would like you to meet Cody and Alli Simpson.” I was smiling like a total idiot when I responded “ Oh, hi! I’m Kanani but you can call me K” I noticed that my dad’s friend had left, leaving me alone with the Cody and Alli Simpson! Alli responded with a “ Wow! Cool name! You might know me from Youtube or Pastry but I’m Alli and this dumbo over here is my brother Cody.” I replied “ Oh yea of course you’re going to be in The Twelve Dogs Of Christmas 2 right?” Alli said “yea I am actually, a small role but I’m still excited to be in a movie.” Cody said “ Hey so like my booger of a sister said I’m Cody, you might know me I sing and act a little bit” I said “ Uh Duh! What idiot wouldn’t know who you are?” Cody chuckled. The game was about to start so I turned to watch. Wow was this boring! I looked over to see Cody making out with some girl. I couldn’t tell who it was a first but then it hit me… Stella Hudgens!

“Cody?! What are you doing? You’re going out with Stella?!” I yell.
He looks at me, “Well… ya. ” I stare at him. How could he do this to his fans. Nevertheless hide it from his fans; we tend to know everything. Literally.
“why would you hide that from you’re fans? HOW could you hide it from you’re fans??? W- they know EVERYTHING!”
“Why are you getting so upset?” He asks.
“I just didn’t think you were like that. I thought you were better than… this.” I say and I run down the hall and into the bathroom. I hide in the stall and start crying. I am seriously in love with cody, having to share him with a million other girls is enough, and having to see him in person making out with… that! (A/N: I don’t actually hate Stella. Its just the character. Trying to set the scene here!)
“K?” I hear. It’s Alli. I can tell her voice from anywhere.
“Alli?” I ask.
“What’s wrong? I saw you run in here crying…”
“Its nothing. Just… I’m not having the best day. Meeting you and your brother was great just… I saw someone I didn’t want to…”
“I don’t think you really want to know.”
“Why wouldn’t I sweetie? Just tell me. If I don’t like it, ill keep it to myself. Promise I wont tell anyone.”
“Cody and Stella Hudgens were … making out. I don’t really like her. ”
“I don’t like her making out with my brother…”
“Ya. Me either.”
Alli gave me a huge hug and sat there letting me cry on her shoulder. I hope she never figures out that I’m actually one of their biggest fans. After about 15 minutes of crying I finally got up and wiped the tears from my eyes.
Alli said “ Here let me do your makeup.”
I replied “Thanks, I’ve never really been good at doing hair and makeup. Or the whole fashion thing.” I looked down at my simple jean shorts and tank top then looked up at Alli who looked absolutely stunning as always.
After Alli finished my makeup I have to admit I looked half-decent.
“OMG! I actually look almost pretty.” I said
“ Girl your gorgeous even without makeup! And the fashion thing… we can work on that” she said with a wink
“ What do you mean by we” I said surprised
“ Yes we, your 13 right.” Alli said
“ Yea I am! I just turned 13 a few weeks ago.” I replied
“ Ok, well you might know I’m 14! Why don’t we exchange numbers? I think we might be great friends.”
I can’t believe Alli said that we might be great friends! I’m just a regular girl living on a regular street with 28 houses outside of LA. We exchanged numbers and walked back into the suite to find Cody and Stella… still making out!
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