Just A Regular Girl (Cody Simpson Love Story)

Im just a regular girl, nothing exciting ever happens to me. But that all changed when I met Cody and Alli Simpson at one very interesting baseball game.


5. Chapter FOUR

Cody’s POV:

It’s been 3 weeks since the whole twitter issue. Matt found out and boy was he furious, then he told Scooter and you know how that go’s. Eventually my parents found out and I swear I have never seen them so angry before! They took away my phone, laptop and my guitar. They still treat me like I’m a normal kid, not a famous guy. The worst part was that the press found out and it was on every cover of every magazine! I lost so many fans it’s ridiculous! Alli is an absolute mess because she hasn’t heard from Kanani in a while and she hasn’t been online or anything. I think Kanani is acting kind of dramatic if you ask me.

Alli’s POV:

I had a weird feeling Kanani wasn’t ok, she has been avoiding people for a while. Then I heard my phone ring and I realized it was Kanani! I quickly answered excitedly.

Alli: OMG! I haven’t heard from you in forever, how have your been?

Kanani: Sorry I dropped my phone in a lake and had to buy a new one

Alli: Only you Kanani… Only You! LOL Wanna sleepover today?

Kanani: Yeah, sure! I’ll be over in like 20 minutes?

Alli: Ok sounds great! See you soon

After I hung up I went and told Cody “ Hey Codes K is coming over later!” Cody replied “Ok, just don’t bug me when she get’s here.”

Kanani rang the doorbell exactly 20 minutes later and we went up to my room. We decided to play truth or dare. This was the most interesting game of truth or dare;). We started by me asking.

Alli: Truth or Dare?

Kanani: Truth

Alli: Who was your first kiss and who was it with?

Kanani: Uhhhh…. Ummmm…. I’ve uhhh…. Actually never had my… uhhh… first kiss

Alli: You’ve never had your first kiss?????

Kanani: Actually no… guy don’t exactly like my face

Alli: Girll that’s such a lie! I know a certain guy that actually has a bit of a thing for you;-)

Kanani: Unless it’s a dead dog… I doubt it

Alli: Ugh!

Kanani: Truth or Dare?

Alli: Ummm… Dare!

Kanani: I dare you to eat mustard and a pickle!

Alli: EWWWW!!! Fine!

After Alli finished her dare we started playing the game again.

Alli: Truth or Dare

Kanani: Dareee

Allii: Great;-) I dare you to kiss Cody! CODY!!! COME HERE!!!

Cody: What?!?!

Alli: Cody… Kanani and I were playing truth or dare

Cody: and….

Alli: I dared Kanani to kiss you

Kanani: No no no! I’m ok

Cody: What… you scared?

Kanani: psh me… scared… wahh? No!

Alli: oooooo

Cody: pucker up!

Kanani: Uhhhhhhh… I don’t know

As Cody leaned in…..
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