Summer Love

[Based on The Notebook] It was summer and Leslie's family is staying at a small town near a river. Her family was rich, meaning they stayed at a huge house and she had nice clothes. Her friends were snobby and stuck up. She, on the other hand, wasn't as stuck up. Harry lives in the town. They both meet at the town's carnival where he falls for her. He keeps trying and trying to get her to go on a date with him until she says yes. When she does, they both fall in love. But what happens when Leslie has to leave for school? Will they stay together, or just break?


1. Prologue

It was summer once again and Leslie was getting married in a couple of weeks. She was sure that he was the one that she wanted. That he wouldn't break her heart like Harry did. She was at a dress fitting when her mother took out the newspaper. "Oh, look," she said to everyone in the room. "You're on the paper, sweetie." Leslie took the paper from her mother's hands quickly. 

"Leslie Cortes gets married to James Parks," Leslie read aloud. She smiled at the picture of him kneeling down on one knee with a ring in his hands, in front of him, a smiling Leslie, gasping at the sight. She looked down at the other picture at the bottom. Local boy makes house to live in but decides to sell. It read. There was a picture of Harry standing in front of a beautiful house.

"Oh my god," Leslie gasped before collapsing on the floor. People rushed over to her, grabbing her wrists. "Sweetie, are you okay?" her mother shouted, concerned.

"Yeah. I just, have to go somewhere," Leslie told her mother before quickly pulling her dress down and slipping on her old one. She quickly ran out of the place and jumped in her car. She started the car up and drove to the same house she saw in the newspaper. 

She finally got there, jumping out of the car. The house was just like she told him she wanted it to be. He actually listened to her. "Hello? Is anyone home?" she yells as she starts walking up the steps. 

"Just a second," that familiar deep, British voice said. There was a lot of noise before he appeared at the door. He stood there, frozen. "Leslie?"

"In the flesh, Styles." 

((A/N; I understand this is really short but I'll make more of it soon so it'll be a better story. Please no hate. It's really annoying when you do and it kind of hurts my feelings. So, stop it, please.))

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