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Lauren is completely sure she's fallen for Liam, but that's before she meets Niall... They only spend a day together, but could Niall be the one she TRULY loves? Find out. ****Special Request by Lauren.Horan****


1. Liam my love?

 I was walking alongside Liam, yes Liam Payne. He has been my boyfriend for about two months now. It isnt really anything serious-serious yet, but I'm hoping it could be sometime! He's so cute, and sweet, and I can always talk to him when I need someone. He just understands all my problems, and he always helps. He's always been there. Today, he told me he was finally going to take me with him to the studio, which means I'll get the meet the other boys. I'm really excited, because before I dated Liam, I was a huge fan! And I still am, I just dont want to freak them out by screaming or being obsessive. But, sometimes, I just think to myself: I'm one of the luckiest girls on the planet, my boyfriend is Liam James Payne from One Direction! And other times I'm upset for all those fans that are always trying to get to atleast meet them. And some of them, not to be rude, will probably never get to... It makes me sad. But nothing will ruin my mood today, I couldnt wait to meet the boys. And I still cant! 

Liam is driving down the street that the studio is on. I'm just watching out the window at the crowded streets of London, watching as my hair blows through the wind. I'd always loved London since I moved out here a couple years ago. I am two years younger than Liam, but he doesnt mind. He says he loves me for who I am. I look over at Liam, while he pulls ever-so-gently into the parking lot of the studio. Yay! We're here.

"Okay, we're here now, babe. Try not to get too over-excited." Liam says, and then he smiles, shutting the car down, and coming over to my side to help me out. I never get out myself or he gets upset. He always wants to help me out, so I let him.

"You're so sweet, Li." I say, as we walk, hand-in-hand to the studio door and enter. As soon as we get inside, I see Niall. He is way more adorable up-close. I'd never seen the other boys in person before. Sure, we'd Skype'd before but that wasnt the same as meeting them face to face. And Niall never seemed to show up in the video chats. He was a shy one, I do believe. A turn on for me is his shyness. Liam was shy before he was in One Direction, or so he told me, but he'd always loved to sing and impress people. 

"Hey, I'm Niall. I'm sure you know who I am." I heard a voice behind me say, obviously it was Niall. I turned around, smiling, which he was already, and shook his outstretched hand.

"Lauren" I say. His hands were much bigger than mine. His touch was so soft, I like it. Come on, Lauren, keep your head where it's supposed to be... Come on, come on, come on! Niall smiled at me again, and then he grabbed my hand and we walked over to Liam. 

"Hey Liam?" I heard Niall ask Liam.

"Yeah, mate?" Liam answers. His voice is just so deep. So adorable and deep, I cant believe he's mine.

"Can I show her around? You seem busy. I'd love to do it. I wouldnt mind." Niall says to Liam, and Liam nodds. I guess I was going to be showed around by Niall now. I kinda wish Liam had wanted to come, I would be too nervous around Niall. I was always nervous around guys I wanted to impress. It was just something about me... I dont know why.

"Okay, right this way. They're just going to go over some really boring things, I dont want to be there. And I'm sure you wouldnt either. I think the city of London is much nicer. So, I'll show you a really nice coffee place that's right down the street. Sound okay?" Niall asks me, as we head out of the studio.

"Yeah, sounds great." I say, secretly hoping that he wouldnt let my hand go. I like his touch.... Wait, is this a date? I cant, I'm with Liam. But, I dont want to spoil Niall's mood, so I'll tag along. What's the worst that could happen?

"Okay, well, there's this really creepy guy in there, he'll probably serve us. His nose is huge, and he has scars everywhere. He also looks like a Chinese Mexican drunk guy, and acts and talks like it too. Try not to laugh at him." Niall chokes out between laughs. I was laughing too. Niall really was the funny one.

"How can someone be Chinese and Mexican at the same time?" I ask Niall, who was still laughing.

"Oh, I dont know. But, he just looks like it. You'll see." Niall says, finally stifling his laughter. I like his laugh, and his accent, it's so thick and hearty. We finally get to the coffee shop, and after a few more jokes and being around Niall, I was sure I had abs from laughing so much. Liam couldnt make me laugh this much... Wait, do--do I like Niall? I'm scared to find out what Liam would do if I ever told him that I liked Niall a little bit...

Niall helped me sit down, and I waited while he went to get some coffees. I wished he would've let me help pay, but he rejected that idea, what a gentlemen. He came back over, and took the seat right in front of me, looking right into my eyes, and he handed me the coffee he had gotten for me. I couldnt wait to talk more with him, I think I do have a thing for him.... What will Liam think about this? Should I tell him? I dont know, maybe not. Maybe this is one thing that I could leave out of his buisness.... But me and Liam have never had a secret... what will he think about me keeping a secret even if we break up? What would he think? Would we still be friends? Why am I thinking of this, I've been out with Niall for like an hour and I already think I like him more than Liam? 

"....dont you think, babe?" I heard Niall ask. I only heard the end of it, curse my inner babling self. 

"Uhm, sorry?" I say, asking for him to repeat himself.

"Dont you think that dating Liam is tough? I mean, he's always busy, and... well.... I'm always free." Niall says the last part really quietly, but I still hear. So, this wasnt only because he was being nice to me, he really has a thing for me? But, we just met... how could he like me? I wasnt sure.

"Well, yeah, I mean, it can be hard... I dont know what I would do if we broke up, though." I say, and Niall nods, taking a sip of his coffee. Did I just deny him? Or tell him I was thinking about it? I hoped I told him I was still thinking about it. Because I was.... Me and Niall are just alike in so many ways, he was so funny, and we both like to laugh about most things. He's carefree and fun loving, maybe I should date him instead.... I dont know.

"Hey, you dont have to think so hard about this. You can just say no, I mean, if you like Liam so much, you guys should stay together. I dont mind. I was only seeing if maybe, well, you would---" I cut him off by leaning over and kissing him. He pulled me over to the other side with him, and deepened the kiss. Kissing him was so unlike anything. I like kissing him. It was unlike any kiss I'd ever had before. It was more sweet, but there were plenty more butterflies, and it felt like an electric shock to my lips. But a good one, at that. We both pulled away, and Niall smiled, holding our foreheads together.

"Liam who?" I say, making Niall laugh. 

"I guess I could say that you're mine as soon as you and Liam have a talk then, love?" Niall asks.

"Totally. I would love to be yours." I say, and Niall smiles.

******3 Years Later******

So, it has been almost four years since me and Niall decided to date. Liam wasnt mad afterall, and we have a really close friendship now. He is my bestfriend, which isnt bad. I did like Liam, and he liked me, but that one day me and Niall met, we just connected. It was instantly just a great compatablility. I was just sitting there, in me and Niall's flat, watching T.V. and just thinking about random things, when Niall walks in. He is smiling so big, I think there is nothing that can possibly take it away. I smile at his smile. He walks in and sits down next to me, and tells me to sit up.

"Come on babe, just sit up for me, please?" He asks, and I give in, scoffing and getting up. Just jokingly. He smiles, and moves to a place on the floor. He is only on one knee, and I'm not sure what to make of this. He suddenly pulls something out of his back-pocket, and hides it with his other hand. He pulls the object, still out of my sight, and puts it almost directly in front of me. I'm still not sure what to make out of this. He finally takes the hand thats covering it away, leaving a jewelry box. He's still smiling, as he takes my hands, losing his smile and being serious.

"Okay, you know that we've been together for a long time, and that we both love each other a lot... And, I just think sometimes about losing all this, and something happening or someone taking you away from me." Niall starts

"Niall I would never leave you, babe." I say, which makes him smile.

"I know, I just, well, it just comes up. And, I just want it to be like this forever between us. I want to make sure I know something wont happen that takes you away from me... So I have something very important to ask you.... Okay, here goes: Lauren, will you make me the happiest boy in the world and become Mrs. Horan?" Niall asks. My mouth drops open in response before the blood rushes to my head, and I finally can breathe again.

"Yes, yes, a million times, yes!" I say, and I leap up and hug him, while he places a very fine ring on my finger. I smile at him, and I just think, if we would've never met that one day, this would have never happened.



***Sorry if it's not good, but I tried. Well, here is your special request Lauren.Horan:) Thank you for requesting:)***


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