After all of her hard work, Aubrielle is going to be graduating, She only wants to make her mum and dad proud, and that's what she has been doing since day 1 of her 17 year adventure in life. With her two best friends, Tia and Kat, to help her along the way, she seems to have everything good going for her.
Harry has been basically a threat to everyone. He drinks a little, has a history of violent encounters, and has the label 'bad boy' .. which is why he is happy to be graduating after all these years. His best friends, Zayn and Dustin, help keep him from getting into trouble.
What happens when Harry and Aubrielle, two different people from different places, meet one night? Will they help each other? Or will things fall apart?


2. What have I gotten myself into?

~Aubri's POV~

I was enjoying the vibe from the amateur bands. The music was loud, the crowd was crazy. Its something I have never experienced before. I saw Tia snogging her boyfriend, Kat was talking up some boy in plaid shorts and a purple hoodie, as I stood alone. I decided I'd go home, so I made my way through the crowd. I decided I'd get a drink before I go, so I went to the snack table to get some water. I made my way to the table and grabbed a bottle of water. I was sipping the pure water when I saw a boy staring at me. Brown hair, piercing green eyes, wearing a plain white t-shirt and black skinny jeans. He started walking toward my way. I stood there unsure what to do next. Soon enough, he was right in front of me. "Hey beautiful." He hissed, his broad accent visible. "H-h-h-hi." I stutter. He chuckled. "Never been called beautiful by a man besides your dad, right?" I nodded. He slung a arm around my shoulder, letting his hand fall over my shoulder. "Don't worry, it's a compliment." I tried to pull his arm off, but inside he let his fingers slip through the gaos between mine and squeezed my hand. "P-p-please l-l-let go." I stuttered again. "Shh, babe your ok. I'll protect you." "But I d-don't need y-you t-t-to pr-protect me." He stood there, then looked me in the eye. "I am going to protect you, whether you want me to or not." Then he picked me up, carrying me bridal style to his car. He sat me in the driver seat. "Your coming back to my flat." He said sharply. "Please let me go." I started to cry. He brushed away my tears. "Babe, don't cry. Your safe with me." I wiped my tears and sniffled. "I don't even know your name. How am I suppose to sit here and listen to you say how your going to protect me and that I'm safe with you?" I managed to say. He sat there silently, and just turned the car on and we drove away. I sat there, deep in my thoughts. What have I gotten myself into? 

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