After all of her hard work, Aubrielle is going to be graduating, She only wants to make her mum and dad proud, and that's what she has been doing since day 1 of her 17 year adventure in life. With her two best friends, Tia and Kat, to help her along the way, she seems to have everything good going for her.
Harry has been basically a threat to everyone. He drinks a little, has a history of violent encounters, and has the label 'bad boy' .. which is why he is happy to be graduating after all these years. His best friends, Zayn and Dustin, help keep him from getting into trouble.
What happens when Harry and Aubrielle, two different people from different places, meet one night? Will they help each other? Or will things fall apart?


3. Aubrielle Beth, where are you?

Aubri's POV~

I was driven to what I think was Harry's place. He pulled into the long, narrow, black topped drive way. Rocks flying under the tires, making little clunking noises filled my ears. Harry had Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles on, humming to the melody and tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. I sat in silence, deep in thought. "Harry.. why me?" He replaced his tapping fingers with tight fist. He firmly gripped the steering wheel, causing his knuckles to flush a daint red. "Aubri, I'll explain inside. My mum and sister are at my Aunt's house for the weekend. It'll be me and you. Together forever." He belched out a light chuckle that seemed to roar through his car. Dammit, my parents will freak if they find out what happened. I guess I said that aloud because Harry said, "Call your mum and explain." I sighed and took out my phone. Shit, it was already 12:48 at night. They'd ground me 'til... 'til I'm 6 feet under in a silver platinum container. I was shaking. I've never passed curfew. I have never broken any rules. What will they think? I'm gonna throw up, oh my god. As the phone rang, I sat in complete and utter fear. "Aubrielle Fay, where are you?" I was shooked by my mum's sharp voice, which never was used unless I did something really terrible, which was rare. I felt a salty warm tear trickle down my cheek, and slip off the trim of my heart shaped face. "I-I'm with a friend.. Harry. I meant to call.. but I fell asleep. I'm ok mum." She sighed on the other line and started talking to my dad. "Ok Aubri, be home tomorrow by 12:30 sharp. Not one minute,  or second afterward. And your father and I would like to have Harry over for lunch to get to know the boy." I didn't want to cause anymore problems with my mum and dad, so I quickly said, "That's fine. 12:30. We'll be there. Bye mum and dad. Love you guys!" I heard them mutter 'I love you too sweetheart and I hung up. "So Harry.. How does lunch with my mum and dad tomorrow at 12:30 sharp sound?" I flashed a sloppy smile, and fluttered my eyes. He laughed and said, "Sure. As long as I get to watch you change." He grinned, his teeth glimmering from the reflection of the mirror. I felt my cheeks flush into a bright red, getting warmer then usual. We finally reached his garage, and he slipped the car into its shelter, making me wait for him to open the door for me, and locking all 4 doors as we enter his family dome. This isn't what I expected from a night out just to a local battle of the bands competition.. it's scarier.

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