After all of her hard work, Aubrielle is going to be graduating, She only wants to make her mum and dad proud, and that's what she has been doing since day 1 of her 17 year adventure in life. With her two best friends, Tia and Kat, to help her along the way, she seems to have everything good going for her.
Harry has been basically a threat to everyone. He drinks a little, has a history of violent encounters, and has the label 'bad boy' .. which is why he is happy to be graduating after all these years. His best friends, Zayn and Dustin, help keep him from getting into trouble.
What happens when Harry and Aubrielle, two different people from different places, meet one night? Will they help each other? Or will things fall apart?


1. Battle of the Bands

I was sitting there, waiting on my soft duvet. Kat was lost in my closet, trying to find something for me to wear to the Battle of The Bands tonight. Tia was sprawled in my hot pink monster fur saucer chair, playing on my laptop. "Wear this.. with these jeans.. and slip on these sneakers." Kat said firmly, tossing me light washed floral print skinny jeans, a plain white tee, and baby blue sneakers. I slipped on my clothes, grabbed some white socks, and ran to my living room. My mom was sitting there, reading a magazine. "Hey mom! Is it still ok if I go to the Battle of the Bands with Tia and Kat?" My mom looked up from her magazine and glanced at me. "Did you do your homework?" My mom said sternly. I nodded my head. "Ok, you can go." I said yay and slipped on my shoes. I went to my room, and found Kat and Tia slipping into their outfits. "Hey guys, my mom said I can still go." Kat adjusted her shirt before saying, "Ready girls?" Tia slipped on her right shoe and we both said 'yes'. We all headed out the door, heading to our local pizzeria.


Harry's POV

I laid on my bed, just in sweat pants, and sighed. All my friends have girlfriends, and me? I'm still searching. Heck, no girl will ever love me. Every girl I date is to scared or runs away after finding out the real me. I do fight. I have scars. I do have a drink every once in a while, but I guess that doesn't make me 'boyfriend material'.. more like a threat. I can't wait 'til tonight. The Battle of the Bands competition is at a pizzeria, and my buddy Liam and his band are perfoming. I decided since the show starts at 6 and its 5 I should get ready. I looked in my bathroom mirror, ran my hair through my thick curls, and grabbed a white t-shirt and black skinny jeans. Tonight seemed like it would be good. I grabbed my cell phone, Jack Wills hoodie, beanie, and car keys and left my house. I couldn't wait to see how the night goes. Maybe I'll meet a girl. Who knows? Anything can happen.

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