Just Imagine...

Annie, the only 5'2 twenty one year old is caught in the dark, lonely streets of
New York, her fate in the hands of Hurricane Sandy. Just when she feels that there is no possible way to continue life, she gets rescued by someone completely unexpected. Her life completely turns around, good and bad.


1. The Hurricane

Just the thought of being under a roof, all dry, made me feel a bit warmer. The rain pelted down harder, stinging my bare face and arms. I keep my head down, whispering to myself, 'Come on Annie, come on.' If only I would listen. I squint, trying to keep water from clouding over my eyes, and I am lucky enough to make out a broad figure coming toward me. I quicken my pace, only to trip over a stone, scraping my knees as I crash to the ground. I can't get up.

Tears slowly make ripples in the puddle beneath me. That person wasn't real. I was just imagining it. I am slowly fading into Hell, where I belong. 'Good. Let me die' My eyes slowly close, feeling that this is the end. 


My eyes open in something unfamiliar. I feel some kind of restraint against my arms and chest. I start panicking. I kick and scream trying to free myself, when someone grabs my arm. A seat belt. That was all it was. I'm in a car. I look over, my vision blurry, and see someone driving, saying 'Calm down'.

I take a deep breath, and ask him, "Where are you taking me?"

"My house, where it is safe and warm. You're hurt." I recognize his voice, but I can't place it. His windshield is cracked, and he has a small trail of blood along his arm. I raise my eyes to his face, and I immediately recognize that jaw. I would anywhere. 

I am in a car with Josh Hutcherson. 

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