hidden secrets

Destiny had lived with harry and his family for a couple years now. she had pushed Harry to try out for the X-factor and with that push he became in the band One Direction, with his four best friends. since she is like his sister, and his bestfriend she lives with one direction. but what will happen when she has to tell them a shocking secret?


9. Chapter 9

Harrys P.O.V

       I cant believe my self. Im so horrible. My best friend, I forced my best friend to confess how he feels about my sister. In front of her. What kind of a person am I? After Liam yelled at me and Louis, we went out or a drink. Sometime in the middle of the night Eleanor called him to come home. Now im alone, i dont have any idea where i am. A park maybe? who knows. I know Destiny knows im suicidal, but the guys, im glad they dont know. They would never look at me the same way. Im just glad im alone so i can finally leave and not make anyone else suffer from me, my worthless self. I went to a hard wear store open 24 hours. I bought a rope and a razor just in case. "Hey your in that band! errmm whats the name of it? ONE DIRECTION! thats it! Hey let me just thank you so so so much, you literally saved my daughters life. you brought her out of depression, I cant thank you enough!" I pulled out a 100$ bill gave it to the guy "here keep this, and how about we surprise your daughter? give me her number and ill send her a video of me singing?" "oh bless you, you are truly an angel! her number is  (313)-534-4246" "great, have a nice day!" I said giving him a fake smile and walking out. 

    I went back to the park and pulled out my phone. " hey Tori, its me Harry Styles, your father gave me your number so I can surprise you.." I said "well her i go...." i started singing wonder wall. "well I just want to say, I know how hard depression is, and im so happy you found your light...." I looked down at my hand tears welling up. "some of us don't, and I have to ask you, that you dont show this to anyone. I have been fighting depression for my whole life, i dont know why i just do. I just cant handle it. Im sorry im giving up i just cant take it. But just hearing your story makes me love you. I truly thank you for staying strong... im just not that strong. goodbye" I ended the video and sent it to her. I started balling putting the rope up in the tree. I decided to tell everyone that I love them. I post it on twitter, instergram, I text my mother, my sister, I just couldnt sent it to Destiny and the boys, they mean to much. So instead i just wrote them a note on my phone about how much they mean. when i was about to lock my phone i got a video back from the girl. "Harry? Harry Styles? You cant do that. Think about your family, Friends, the boys, your fans. Now stop, clear your head, think about nothing. all you have to do is ask your self, is this little thing really worth my life? now clear your head. Think about you sisters. Both. Think about Gemma, she wont have her little brother no more, And Destiny, me and her are best friends, remember me? You changed her. No, you saved her. and me. but you dont care because that dark whole took all your feelings, ok, just think about all the people who will take there lives because you did. Your needed here. Please dont do this." Tori? Destinys Tori? she was part of our family, what happened to her? Ive always thought she was perfect, I actually had feelings for her at one point, Destiny always said to stay away though. I needed to talk to her in person. I think shes my light at the end of the tunnel. i texted her 'Tori, thank you, and can you come down to central park? that is if you still live where you use to, I just need to talk to you' 

Toris P.O.V

    It was kinda late, about 7ish, and my dad had told me that he got me a surprise and I should be getting it soon. He wouldnt tell me what it was but he said its what ive always wanted. Ever since ive came clean about me use to being depressed, my father has been getting me everything. I dont mind, but One Direction is the only thing that could keep me out of depression. I was about to go eat dinner when I got a text from a unknown number, I opened it up and watched the video. Was that really Harry? Destinys Harry? that couldnt of been he has a perfect life! Thats when i remembered what depression can do to you. I sent him back a video because it was to hard to text.

   he texted back, 'Tori, thank you, and can you come down to central park? that is if you still live where you use to, I just need to talk to you' 'of course! ill be there in 15 minutes please dont do anything stupid ill bring some food!' 'thank you Tori' I put down my phone and ran to my closet. What am i going to where?!?remembered when me and Destiny where growing Harry said i looked cute in my outfit, i was wearing an over sized sweeter, (me and Destiny have matching ones) and skinnys. I put my close on and put my hair down in its natural waves. I dont like make up so i didnt put any on. When i went down stairs i packed some food for us, put it in my pure and grabbed the keys to my car. 


 *some time later*

 When I pulled up to the park I saw Harry sitting on the bench and a rope in his hand. I started to walk faster but then i released someone was sitting next to him. Was that Liam? No it cant be! calm down Tori, calm down. I thought to may self while walking up to them. Liam had saw me and pointed me out, once i say Harry, all i could remember was our childhood. "HARRY!!" I dropped my purse and ran to him. He immediately stood up, then picked me up in a bear hug. "Harry ive missed you so much! Dont you and Destiny EVER leave again!" I said sobbing in him chest. I have to be honest, ive always had feelings for him, I mean can you blame me? "Tori i cant believe its you! ive missed you and I promise im not going anywhere this time" he whispered in my ear. I guess we were talking to softly for Liam to hear because his reaction isnt the best. "My gosh! Listen here missy, we love our fans, we do. But me and Harry are having an important conversation so it would be best if you would leave." "no Liam its fine sh-" Harry started to say but was cut off. "No Harry dont stand up for her, we need to have this talk NOW! Destiny told me everything.." "but lia-""Enough!" I saw Liam wasn't in the best of mood, it actually started to scare me, growing up from being abused by my parents. I let go of Harry and took a step back, tears filling my eyes. "Hey no need to cry, your the one whos interrupting, and is being terribly rude!" He said with anger in his voice, he was actually shouting at me. Thats when the water works came. "gosh all mighty!" Liam yelled trowing his hands in the air. I flew to the ground terrified he was going to hit me. "LIAM JAMES PAYNE! STOP IT! STOP IT! WHAT THE HELL IS FUCKING WRONG WITH YOU!?" Harry yelled. He knelt down helping me up. He picked me up and i cried in his chest. "Dont EVER talk to her like that! What the hell is wrong with you!? She's my friend! I called her here because you guys where gone" I could tell Harry was beyond angry, he barley ever got like this. "Harry, I'm.. im so sorry.. its just the news i got, then the fans, and Niall being in the hospital... its just all to stress full... " "So stress is going to cause you to Shout at a beautiful girl? seriously Liam!" Did i hear right? Harry Styles called ME beautiful? Harry started to walk away from the park with me in his arms. I looked up to see Liam crying on the bench.

         "Harry, wait." I said through my tears. "what is it princess?" Is Harry really doing this? "wait put me down" He did as i asked and I walked back to Liam. I sat down on the bench next to him. "Listen..im.. im so so terribly sorr-" i cut him off with hugging him. "I know what your going through Liam, I forgive you" we broke apart. "and trust me it wasnt that bad, if it was me i would of cut a bitch! or just sprayed them with my pepper spry!" I showed him the can i keep on my key chain. "And she would of to, coming from the guy she pepper sprayed on christmas day because I took her dinner" Harry said walking over to us. Liam laughed "so im guessing you know each other well?" he asked. I looked over to harry as iff to ask him if he wanted to explain. He just shrugged his shoulders. "well ive known Destiny since 2nd grade, and we really were like sisters, and sometime in the summer before middle school Harry had became her friend and we grew up with each other" i smiled and looked over to Harry who smiled at me to.

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