hidden secrets

Destiny had lived with harry and his family for a couple years now. she had pushed Harry to try out for the X-factor and with that push he became in the band One Direction, with his four best friends. since she is like his sister, and his bestfriend she lives with one direction. but what will happen when she has to tell them a shocking secret?


8. chapter 8

Destinys P.O.V

             "Please Zayn. Forgive me?" he got up wiped away his tears and came over to me. "Destiny do you really have to ask that? of course i will. I love you Destiny" he said and pulled me in to a hug. "oh and when we go home you are spilling about what put you over the edge." He whispered so the boys wouldnt hear. "Fine" I wasn't that excited about telling him my feelings about Niall, but i knew i had to. "Hey, im the one whos hurt over here! wheres my hug?" i turn around to see Niall sitting up and smiling. "Niall! oh my gosh! your alright!" I ran over to him and he gave me a huge bear hug. I was so happy he was alright! "Bro im so sorry about what I did Nialler. i shouldnt of cared so much about my hair,  or my self. Im so sorry." Zayn said coming over, next to Niall's bed. "Zayn its fine. You had no intention on my stopping. Its fine. I forgive you, but for the record theres nothing to forgive you for."                  

                      "whelp! now that we got that sorted out, why did you stop Niall?" i heard Louis from the back of the room. "Yea why did you stop?" Liam asked again. I looked back at Niall. His cheeks where now red, and he looked embarrassed. "ermm, I ermm, i stopped because i saw that Destiny was crying..." "awwwe lil Niall has a wittle crushy poo c:" Louis said teasing Niall. Niall looked down his cheeks red as ever. " Louis! dude that was not cool." Liam said coming over to comfort Niall. "yea louis, theres no way Niall likes me. End of story." I said. I mean its the truth, no one could ever like me, look at me im hideous. "Hey im sorry man i was just trying to lighten the mood." Louis said feeling bad now. "wait" Harry said from the bench in the room. "if Niall doesnt has a crush on Destiny, then why did he get so embarrassed?" Harry said with a smirk on his face. "AHH! the truth!!" Louis screams. Harry and him laugh a bit and then everything gets serious. "so Niall" Louis said. "Do you?" Harry asked. they both moved in closer. Nialls head was down for a while, after a short time of watching him he finally nodded. 

          How could Niall like ME? I mean look at me fat, gross, ugly, pathetic. How? "FINALLY!" Louis and Harry both yell, then gave each other a high-five. "Thats enough! What is wrong with you guys?! He's in the hospital!" Liam yells at them. They both left the room, saddened. I know Harry, when he's sad, you dont know what he would do. I once had to take a gun out of his hand, because he forgot to get his mother a birthday present. "Liam go after Harry, right now. Take him home please dont let him leave your sight, hes suicidal" I whisper in Liams ear. Im not suppose to tell anyone but i cant just leave Niall after all of this, and plus i can trust Liam with anything. After telling Liam, his face immediately drops and looks at me with his face that said "I had no idea im so sorry"    "its fine ill tell you more later, please just go!" Liam runs out of the room looking for Harry. "Zayn can you please leave me and Niall alone please?" "sure." After he leaves its just me and Niall.



Nialls P.O.V

    Did that really just happen? Did i really just confess how i feel about Destiny? in front of Harry? And Destiny? We where now left alone. Just me and her. "Niall?" Destiny asked barley loud enough for me to hear her. "look, if ive made it awkw-" i was cut off "Niall do you really like me?" I looked down embarrassed, what if she didnt feel the same? "yes" I say like a scared mouse. "why didnt you ever tell me?" "i didnt want to tell you and you not feel the same. I like how you and i are our self in front of each other. I dont want it to be awkward. And if you did feel the same about me I didnt want Harry mad at me.." I say while fidgeting my fingers. "Niall I dont know what to say. You really care that much?" I looked her right in the eyes. "no, no i don't" her eyes started to fill with tears and she looked away. I turned her head to face me. "I dont care that much. I care way more. Destiny, I think I love you. The minute I saw you, my life was flipped upside down. I get worried when you don't answer my phone calls, or you get home late. I love your 'pink monster' lazy day out fit. I think its absolutely adorable. And your eyes, my gosh your eyes have always made me smile. Destiny I always think about you. I want you to be my Princess." Tears where rolling down her cheek. "Oh Niall.." she said trailing off. "Niall, I feel the same way" 

          This was the best day of my life! The girl of my dreams feels the same way about me. Im so Happy. She can finally be mine. I looked at her, her beautiful face. I got up and out of the bed. "Niall! dont move! stop you have a concussion! lay back down!" I ignored her and got down on my knees. "Destiny Rain Divitto, will you PLEASE do me the honor of being my Princess?" I aske her, tears started to well up in her eyes. "Nialler, of course i will!" I got up and gave her a real hug, that hug that says 'your mine and im never going to leave you'. "awe love birds" We break apart and see Zayn in the door way. "thanks Zayn" Destiny said with a annoyed face on. "no problem anytime" he said cheekily "oh and hey I just got done talking to the doctor, she said you can leave tomorrow afternoon, they want you to stay here for some more test." Zayn said. After that he got a phone call and left the room. "Hey Destiny you should go home and get some rest. i have a surprise for you after i get out tomorrow" I tell her. "ok, call me!" she said, giving me a hug and she left. What a night.


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