hidden secrets

Destiny had lived with harry and his family for a couple years now. she had pushed Harry to try out for the X-factor and with that push he became in the band One Direction, with his four best friends. since she is like his sister, and his bestfriend she lives with one direction. but what will happen when she has to tell them a shocking secret?


7. chapter 7

                                                                                    Destinys P.O.V

I fell asleep with the razor in my hand and my cuts open and still bleeding. My bed and Pillows were covered in blood. At first it scared me, but thats when i remembered what had happened last night. "shit.." i said under my breath. I took off all the covers on my bed and put them in my closet. "ill deal with that later.." i said to my self while going to the bathroom to sort my cuts. I rinsed them and rapped a ace bandage on it since it was still bleeding but not a lot. After I settled that i went down stairs to talk to the boys about last night. I really needed to apologize to Zayn and i had to see how Niall was doing. 

  When i got down stairs no one was there. the house looked the same as when i went up stairs, except for a note on the T.V.

  Destiny, we are at the hospital with Niall. When your ready to act appropriate you can come.


  I read the note and just ripped it up. Now they hate me; great fatty now look what you did. I whipped away the tears, ran up the stairs to get ready. I wore a tan large sweeter that gose have way down my thighs, and black skinny jeans with my uggs. Today i was not gonna let everyone see my fat. i grabbed my purse and keys and went to the hospital. 


Zayns P.O.V

                I cant believe Destiny would of said that. I mean i knew it was true, it was all my fault. I am the reason my best friend was in the hospital. But its not like Destiny to act that way. She and I are the closest out of all the boys. I would go to her when me and Perrie got in to fights or when i needed someone to talk to when people where sending me all this hate, and she came to me with everything, even with all those death threats shes getting in school. I promised her I would tell any of the boys. And i haven't. She would have never said that to me with that anger. But i cant think about that right now. I have to make sure my best friend it ok.

   After I went for a walk to get my head on straight Liam called me and told me to meet him at the hospital. when I got there Niall was on the bed not talking, or moving, he was barley breathing. I did this. Im a monster. I looked at the boys, they were sitting there looking at me. I started to cry, i just fell to the ground crying. "Zayn look its not your fault. its gonna be fine, he just has a bad concussion. hes going to be fine." Liam said sitting next to me trying to calm me. "but if i didnt care so much about my self he wouldnt have to go threw this. im a monster" "no your not zayn your everything but a monster" i heard a familiar voice. "youre a loving, kind hearted person. And its my fault you feel like this Zayn, im sorry iI should of never said any of that." I looked behind me to see who it was. Destiny was standing there with tears in her eyes. "Then why did you say it Destiny. If you knew it wasnt true then why did you say it?" I barley choked out. " Because. I'm the monster. Ive just havnt had the best of week. Zayn, you know I would of never of said that in a million of years. Never. Unless something had really pushed me over the edge. Zayn i come to you with all my problems. With my tears, Laughs, when im angry. Your one of the best thing that has ever happened to me. Zayn I love you. your my Best friend. I have no idea what i would do with out you."    did she really mean it? 




~Sorry for the short chapter (:(

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