hidden secrets

Destiny had lived with harry and his family for a couple years now. she had pushed Harry to try out for the X-factor and with that push he became in the band One Direction, with his four best friends. since she is like his sister, and his bestfriend she lives with one direction. but what will happen when she has to tell them a shocking secret?


6. chapter 6


                                                  Destinys P.O.V

      after they left for their interview i went on my tumblr. I seriously love tumblr. Since school started ive been really depressed. I people have been giving me nasty looks, giving me hate letter, and even death letters!! just because im the sister (basically) of Harry Styles and i get to be lucky and live with the rest of one direction. it just isnt fair! on tumblr i typed in 'depression'. Im not gonna lie but the things i saw on there were really triggering. There were stories of people who feel the same way as me. who get called fat and ugly. People who skipped break fest because they feel fat. and i saw something, something that really got my attention. A girls are, filled with cuts. I went down some more. There is another picture, of a girls thighs, filled with scares, and cuts. When i saw it it just felt so right.

       I logged out of tumblr, and went to my room. I went to the desk and found my new pencil sharpener, still hasnt been used. I got the razor out of it, and rolled up my sleeve. I slowly put the razor to my skin, "for not being pretty enough.." i made a cut. A tear rolled down my face. It hurt, but a good hurt. i made more "for not being good enough.." "for being fat and worthless" i looked down at my blood filled arm. It felt.. good, like this is what im suppose to do. I felt so free, and pain free. I put the razor in my desk under my pencil box. and went to rinse my cuts off.

      It took forever for the cuts to stop bleeding. Luckily it stopped just in time, before the boys got home. No way am i telling them. They will just judge me. No i have to keep this to my self. just as i finished pulling my sleeves down the boys bardge through the door. And here comes the pain of lying to the people that mean the world to me.


                                                                            Nialls P.O.V

I barge through the doors, being chased by Zayn. He was trying to get me because I messed up his hair on camera. "IM GONNA GET YOU HORAN!" "awe did zaynie get his hair messed up" i said in a sad voice teasing him. Zayn's face got beat red. Thats when i got scared. I RAN for my room, zayn right be hind me. thats when i saw her. Destiny was there staring at us. she didnt look like her self, she looked broken, her eyes werent the bright green eyes that could light up the room. No they were  dark and endless, cold. And her face, it was so pale, her eyes were red and puff. She's been crying. No she couldnt of been. I stopped in my tracks, forgetting zayn was running after me. *BAM* Zayn ran right in to me causing me to slam in to the floor and hitting me head. "OH MY GOSH! Niall! Zayn! Are you guys ok? Liam go get some ice Niall hit his head! Harry carry him to the couch!" I heard Destiny saw right before i blacked out.

                                                          *some time later*

I woke up on the couch. how long was i out? wheres Zayn? I looked over and saw Destiny on the chair sleeping. "Destiny. Destiny. hey, little monster! wake up." I whispered loud enough for her to hear. "what?" she said in a sleepy voice, she was obviously still sleeping. Her voice when she wakes up is so cute! it just makes me want to laugh and sing her to  sleep. "Niall? NIALL! you should be laying down! You blacked out Niall just lay back" she said getting up putting the blanket on me. "Destiny hey im fine, trust me im fine, hows Zayn? how long was i out?" "Zayns wrist is soar but its fine, the boys took him out for a drink he feels like its his fault that you blacked out. he was crying and he just felt horrible! and you have been out for about an hour now, i got so scared Niall!" "well in ok now Destiny, and it was my fault that i stopped. ill talk to him tomorrow."


                                            Destiny's P.O.V

Ive never really thought of having feelings for Niall, of course he was attractive, but i always thought I wasnt good enough for him. But when he blacked out, it was the worst feeling ive ever felt don't know what I would of done with out him. Now I dont look at him like i use to. I look at him like Niall Horan, they boy who i love but will never love me back. "Destiny? can we talk?" my thoughts were interrupted by Niall. "yes if course what d you want to talk about Nialler?" "well its about you.." my heart started racing. " go on..?" "errmm well i stopped for a reason when Zayn bumped in to me." "and whats that reason..?" "well errmm I... I saw you were crying.. whats wrong Destiny? you know I'm here for you when ever you need someone to talk to." "oh.." what do I say? "I was just ermm I was just watching romance movies in my room.. you know me im a sap!" great. Im so humiliating. "and yes of course i know youre here for me! and I promise when ever I need to talk to someone youll be the first to talk to! thank you Nialler" he looked down at him hands. "ok, and your welcome Destiny..." "whats wrong Niall?" I asked since Niall was looking like he was about to cry. " oh nothing its just ermm, well you have school tomorrow... and then... i wont be able to tease you about being a sap." "Niall ermm i think we should take you to the doctor." " what why? i told you im fine" "Niall your nose is bleeding and its a saturday, i have no school tomorrow.." "Destiny stop being so paranoid! im fine. I just for got it was saturday thats all see!" he got up dancing. "NIALL! stop sitt down!" "Destiny I'm fine trust m-"

         He didnt even finish his sentence before he dropped to the floor. "NIALL! oh my gosh!" I got a pillow and put it under his head. Then pulled out my phone to call the boys then the ambulance. i started dialing Liams number when they all walked in the front door." LIAM! COME HERE QUICK! NIALL HE FAINTED!!" i said "oh my gosh!" he ran over calling 911 "hello Im Liam Payne, yes i need an ambulance my friend his his head and fainted and his nose is goshing blood! come quick!" i went in the corner hyperventilating. Harry and Louis went to go get paper towels for his nose. Zayn came over to me comforting me "shhhh its going to be fine, shhhh" I was so mad, i couldnt lose Niall. I just couldn't. With out thinking i pushed Zayn off of me "get the hell off me its all your fault hes like this! its all your fault! just because he messed up your hair? your such a loser and its all your fault! your such a monster! why dont you go put more hair spray in and get drunk some more!" Zayn was looking at me tears falling down his face.. i felt HORRIBLE! i loved Zayn he was the one who i could talk to, he was the one who did every thing for me i was just so mad.. "Zayn no no no im so sorry im the monster I'm, im so sorry Zayn its not your fa-" "just stop. I know it is." he left with out even looking me in the eyes. what. have i done? "what the hell was that Destiny?!?!" Harry yelled. I looked over to him. they were all just staring at me. "I... I don't know..." tears just started running down my face. I ran up to my room, locked the door, and grabbed my razor. "what the hell is wrong with you?" I said making a new cut. "your a monster." "how could you be so horrible?" "you let that happen to Niall" I just couldnt stop the razor. It just kept coming.

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