hidden secrets

Destiny had lived with harry and his family for a couple years now. she had pushed Harry to try out for the X-factor and with that push he became in the band One Direction, with his four best friends. since she is like his sister, and his bestfriend she lives with one direction. but what will happen when she has to tell them a shocking secret?


4. chapter 4

Niall's P.O.V

I looked at the clock it was 3:16! where was she!?!? what if shes hurt! i started to bite my nails, she hated it when i did that. but i couldnt help it! i was so nervous! i heard the door open "heyy guys ! how was your day?" i heard Destiny ask so cheerfully, laughing. "where were you guys!! you 20 minutes late!!" i shot at her. She looked at Paul. Paul looked at her, and they started laughing!! could you believe them! "we stopped for ice-cream ! gosh chill!" i was embarrassed, but so angry! why didnt she call? "niall I'm fine! really! im sorry i didnt call, my phone is dead and Paul said it didnt matter if we called you!" "i no, i was just scared i thought you got hurt." "Niall im going to be fine!" she came up and kissed me on the check. My heart skipped a beat. i was so ecstatic, I CAN NOT BELIEVE SHE JUST DID THAT! i was the happiest person on earth! " wheres harry? i want to let him know im home" "oh umm I'm not sure i think he went with the boys to get food" "and YOU didnt go?" "well you guys weren't home yet  so i waited and had some food here" " well that was nice Niall! anyway i have to go do my homework! tell harry im home when he gets here. and call me down when dinners ready!" and she went running up stairs.

 "shes a pretty girl Niall" he knew great. "yea, what does that have to do with anything?" "i can tell you fancy her, a lot, just take your time" "is it really that noticeable?" Paul just laughed.

Destiny's P.O.V

Paul getting me ice-cream made my day some what better. I didnt have a lot of home work really. i Read the chapter in my history book that i was assigned, i finished my algebra homework, and then did the report i had to do on chemical reactions. After that it was only 5:37. dinner wasn't going to be done by anytime soon. so i decided to look on my twitter. Oddly i had a large amount of mentions i read them 

'ew you fat whore!' 'and who are you? o yea harrys ugly step sister' 'your worthless!' 'why do you have to take up space in this world?' 'just kill your self already!'

i bursted out into tears. why? how could anyone say such terrible things with out knowing me? it was disgusting and hurtful. I couldnt stop crying, i just stayed there under my covers crying until i heard a knock on the door. i didnt answer. "hello Destiny? dinners done" it was Niall. I just laid there. " hello Destiny? are you okay?" he had concern in his voice. "yea I'm fine.." i said trying to hold back tears, i didnt want the boys knowing. "OH MY GOSH DESTINY!! your crying!! whats wrong? please tell me!" he sad coming over to me holding me. "I'm fine its just, i woke up from a bad dream thats all." i said as blankly as possible "are you sure? if you ever need to talk I'm here. you know that right?" i nodded "ok good and get your ares down stairs so we can eat, I'm starving!!" i got up and fixed my hair. hiding my misery. 


~sorry for the short chapter :(

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