hidden secrets

Destiny had lived with harry and his family for a couple years now. she had pushed Harry to try out for the X-factor and with that push he became in the band One Direction, with his four best friends. since she is like his sister, and his bestfriend she lives with one direction. but what will happen when she has to tell them a shocking secret?


14. chapter 14

Destiny's P.O.V

I haven't told Niall where we are going yet, I hope we don't get lost.

"Niall, are we in Manchester yet?"

"Umm, right now. Now we are." 

"Okay go to Salford."

"okie dokie."

I laid my head down to rest a bit.



"Where ARE we going exactly?"


"Yea, I know that but, why? Who's there?"

I thought for a while, it was a hard subject for me. 

"My sister, and father.." Thinking about it brought tears to my eyes.

"You have a sister? And I thought you didn't know your father?!"

"I've talked about Trinity haven't I?"

"Yea, your cousin."

"Right, well, she is my cousin, but also my sister." I waited for hid reaction. It was a confused 'say what?' face.

"See, when my mom got pregnant with me, it was with a family friend. Well, he ended up dating my aunt, and got her pregnant, With my brother.. So, my aunt was my step mom, my dad was my uncle, and my cousin was my step sister."

"Oh.. That must of been tough."

"They did end up getting divorced, but she's still like me sister."

"Oh.." It got really awkward, and silent. Until Niall broke the silence. 

"Wait, didn't you say that your dad got your aunt pregnant? where is your other brother?"

I knew he was going to ask. I knew it, I should of never told him..

"He... he" I couldn't finish my sentence, the tears started rolling down my cheek. A lump in my throat formed and I couldn't speak. 

Niall saw the tears "whats wrong?" He asked.

"He... my brother. His name is Josiah. He is three weeks younger then me. I also had a sister, but she died before birth, her name was Rose. She was a year younger."

"Where's  Josiah?"

"he's.... he's safe."

"safe? where is he? why haven't you talked about him before? Where is he Destiny?"

"He... he died five years after being born... My baby brother.. he died. He died and it's all my fault. I was annoyed, I was mad, I pushed him. I killed him. I caused my brother to die! I did it!" I pull me knees up and started heavily breathing. 

"Destiny... !" He rubbed my back. 

"No. It was all my fault." He just kept rubbing my back. I pulled my phone out and looked at my screensaver. It was me and Josiah. The day he died. The day I killed my own brother. I showed Niall the picture. 

Josiah and I looked almost exactly alike. We bother where tall kids, we both had brown hair, we had the same eyes, and lips, and nose. We had the same birthmark on our hand. And we had the same personalities.

"We where inseparable. We had the same room, and every sunday, we would always watch the 'teenage mutant ninja turtles' together. We had all the action figures. We liked and disliked all the same food. The only thing different. The one thing that could of saved my brother, is he could sing like an angle. I we went to a family photo shoot, and then after we had a family reunion. He was singing, and everyone absolutely loved it. I'm not the best singer, but not the worst, I'm okay. So when I was singing, I got nervous and choked up. Josiah started laughing so I pushed him. Little did I know, on the other side of the hill was a lake, He fell and couldn't swim. I ran to get my sister, my mom, my grandma, aunt, cousin, uncle, anyone who would help. 

"Jo!  lake! MAMA! HELP! JOJO IN THE WATER!" I screamed. They all looked up confused. As tears fell down my face. My dad stood up and asked "what happened!?" He knew something was wrong, since Josiah wasn't anywhere near me. I just ran back to him. I ran in the water, and swam to him. Thats the day I learned how to swim. I looked an looked. But I could't find him. Soon people came rushing down to the lake. My dad dived him and found him, he brought him on shore, he tried to save him. But nothing worked. I cried and cried next to my brother. I wouldn't leave him side in the ambulance. I didn't leave the room, my dad had to pry me off the bed. I had to go to therapy. I know I was young, but I remembered. I still have nightmares. I lost my brother.." I couldn't cry anymore. I just sat there with no emotion. 

"Destiny. I don't know what to say.."

"Know one does."


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