hidden secrets

Destiny had lived with harry and his family for a couple years now. she had pushed Harry to try out for the X-factor and with that push he became in the band One Direction, with his four best friends. since she is like his sister, and his bestfriend she lives with one direction. but what will happen when she has to tell them a shocking secret?


12. chapter 12

Niall's P.O.V

I was sitting on my bed when I heard Harry on the phone. "WHAT?! ARE THEY OK? I'll be there in 5 minutes! Did you call the doctor? Do she need her lawyer again? She has a broken nose? Oh gosh I'm coming!" What? Did someone get hurt? Was it Destiny?

"Hey Harry! What was that about?" I asked nervously. "Destiny and Tori got in a fight in school. They're getting expelled!" He said running to get his shoes. Shit.

"What do you mean?! Are they okay?!? I'm coming with you!" I ran and got my shoes, not bothering to tie them. I jumped in the car, and waited while Harry started it. "Can this traffic go any slower?!" "hey bro, do my a favor and call a contacted named 'Bruce' when he answers say it's Harry, and it's Destiny again." "okay." I get Harry's phone and called Bruce. "OK he wants to know where you want to meet him." I asked Harry, "tell him the high school I use to go to." I told the guy and with that the phone call ended. "who is Bruce?" I ask in curiosity. "That's Destiny's lawyer." What does he mean by that? "wait she has her own lawyer?" He looked at me and started laughing. "what?" 

"she hasn't told you has she?" what was he talking about? I was about to ask him when we pulled up to the school, we both ran out of the car.

*time latter* 

When we got in the school, a bunch of fans screamed. It's not that it bothered me, it's just, all I care about is Destiny, I had to make sure she was ok. Harry must of saw me getting nervous because next thing I knew he was screaming "EVER PLEASE MOVE MY SISTER IS HURT!" He added some fake tears, and everyone in the hall moved. Harry ran to the office, and I followed behind.

"Where's my sister?" Harry asked the lady behind the desk. "She's talking with the principle, you're going to have to wait." No. "NO! I'm going in now! MOVE!" I yell and bust the door open. I looked around the room, and didn't see them. Harry pushed me out of the way and kneaded down to the floor. Why?

That's when I saw Tori and Destiny, on the floor, holding each other tightly, crying. What happened? I stopped wondering and ran to Destinys' side. Harry, and I had to pry Tori and Destiny part. When we finally got them apart, they wouldn't stop kicking, and screaming. We finally let them go and they flew in each others arms. Destiny was in hysterics. What's wrong? 

Harry finally got them apart and he picked up Tori. I picked up Destiny and just hugged her, tightly. She cried in my chest. Tears were welling up in my eyes, I quickly blinked them away. When Tori was finally calmed, Harry, let her down. 

"Niall, can I go see my brother?" She asked. Her voice, broken, her eyes, looked dark and endless. 

"yes, princess." I set her down, and she started walking slowly towards Harry, after 3 steps she broke down crying, and fell to the floor. Harry ran to her side. cradling. "shhh it's going to be ok." 

I looked over to the principle. Her eye's widened, like someone just committed a crime. 

"what... what is the matter with them?" I was about to answer when a man came through the door. 

"Harry? Destiny? Tori?" who was her?

Destiny's sobs stopped and she looked up from Harry's chest.  

"Bruce!" Tori screamed, running in his arms. 

"Bruce!!" Destiny Yelled/sobbed and ran, with him picking her up. so he must be Bruce.

I turned back to the Principle. I was about to speak, but again cut off. 

"what do you mean what is the matter with them?" Harry said quietly, obviously, trying to hold back his anger.

"I mean, what is wrong with them?! Normal kids don't get in hysterics when they get expelled when it's their fault they got in a fight!" She said back in horror.

Harry clenched his fists. "But normal kids don't plan their whole career in the 2nd grade. Normal kids don't go to summer school, even with passing, just so it looks good on their college application. Normal kids have something to fall back on if they don't get in to college. They don't. Their life depends in their school rep. And them starting the fight? Really are you really, really that blind and stupid?" he took a deep breath and whispered "THEY DID NOT START THAT! MY GIRLFRIEND WAS CALLED A CHINK! A CHINK! SERIOUSLY?!?" why did he whisper? " And what did the other girl get? detention, nothing big. I would just let you know, that if you expel them, you, YOU, are the bully." he said lastly, if he wanted to yell, then why didn't he?

Her eyes where widened in shock. wait Tori was his girlfriend? 

The principle looked at the girls and Bruce. Tori is trying to comfort Destiny, who was no hyperventilating, while Bruce holds Tori since she's crying also. I walk over to them and hold Destiny, she puts her head in my chest, and cries. Tori sits by my and I pull her in the hug. Bruce gets up to, go talk to the principle. Bruce was talking very calmly, and Harry and the principle where talking back and forth. I look up and with that, the principle starts yelling. 


I feel Destiny tighten up, and Tori shoots up. Harry face goes pale. Bruce stomps his foot and looks like he just lost his keys or something. The principle is still yelling, but Harry is trying his hardest to make her stop, but he isn't yelling?

"shh! Please be quiet! don't yell!" he says.


Destiny's sobs get louder. Tori looks worried, and keeps looking bad and forth from Harry, and Destiny. Harry, and Bruce is trying his best to get her to stop yelling, but she just keeps going. Tori looks like shes holding back something. I give her a look and was going to ask her what was going on when Destiny flies out of my arms. 

"NO! NO NO NO NO NO! STOP IT! STOP!!" She screams and falls to the floor. I hear Harry cuss under his breath. I look over at Tori, she's telling the lady at the front desk to call the nurse and to get cold water. When I look back at Destiny, her temples, and ears where bleeding, and Bruce and Harry where holding her arms down while she flipping out. I run to her side and take Harry's position, of holding her left arm down. He gets up to the shocked principle.

"you just had to fucking yell didn't you. you could of fucking killed her." He said with tears staining his cheeks. He pulls out his phone and called the ambulance. Tori cam back and tried to have Destiny drink the water, but in stead she just blacked out.

Destiny's P.O.V

I woke up in a white room, with bright lights and beeping. Hospital. I sat up to press the call button, when I heard someone. "mind explaining?" I look over to see Niall sitting on the bench. 

"explain what?" I ask

"what the heck happened" He said with a chuckle.

"Harry didn't tell you?"

"He said the same about you."

I sighed loudly, getting ready to explain. 

"start from why you have your own lawyer?"

"okay, so in middle school, me and Tori would always get in fights because someone would say something about the other, a lot of the parents would sue, so me and Tori ended up having to have a lawyer a lot, and thats how we met Bruce. He was like a father to me, but I haven't seen him for a couple years." I tell him.

"and what happened, at the school?"

"was there yelling before I blacked out?"

"yea, the principle."

"well, I am here now because of that. I developed a phycological disorder when i was a child, it happened because..." I paused, because tears where welling up. Niall saw this so he came and sat on my bed side. He took my hand and wiped away my tears "why Destiny, tell me, I'm here, you can tell me anything." 

I took a deep breath and told him. 

"I was abused when I was little, day in and day out. She was this horrible, horrible person, but I never left her. I had a choice, but i never left. She was my mom after all. Well, I'm not one to get sick, but this one week I had a terrible stomach flu, and I couldn't even walk without getting dizzy and throwing up, but my mom didn't believe me. She sent me to school, and I got sent home, and they said I could have the week off. My mom let me stay home, but, but that week i had the worst beatings ever. With brooms, chairs, anything she could lift really, and she would just yell, not saying anything, she would just scream, right in my ear after words..... Since I was sick, my brain developed a thing where, when ever there is yelling, shouting, screaming, anything loud really, it would just shut down.." Tears where falling down my cheeks, as i look at the now, shocked face of Niall. Tears where forming, but he quickly blinked them away, got up and left the room. I watched as he left, not saying anything. I knew he would't like me after he heard me story. No one will like me, I'm a freak. An ugly, fat, freak. 

With these thoughts running through my mind, I quickly look down at my arms. I had a jacket on. Thats weird? The tears where flooding down my cheeks. Just wanting to get out of this hell hole, i press the call button. A nurse came in the room immediately "yes Destiny?" 

"I want to go home, Please can I just go home?" 

"Yes, yes you are fine, I'll send one of your friends in to help you."

"can you send Harry in?"

She nodded and walked out of the room. Moments later Harry came in with my clothes. He had dried tears on his cheek.

"Harry, what's wrong? You know it's nothing?" I ask him.

But he doesn't say anything, no. He looks at me, just look's at me. what did I do? he sat the clothes on my bed and walked out. What is wrong with him? I pressed the call bottom, and the nurse came back in. 


"can you send Tori in for me? I need her help." The nurse nodded and went on her way to get Tori. Moments later, Tori came in. Her eyes puffy.

"Whats wrong with everyone. Please tell me!?" She looked at me and cried in my chest. She kept on whispering "she's gone." I didn't understand. who was gone? I pulled Tori off of my, wiped her tears off her cheeks, then held both her shoulders so they faced me. 

"Tori, WHO, who is gone?!" 


My hands fell from her shoulders, and i just sat there. the tears were welling up in my eyes, threatening to spill.

"no, no she can't be! no she's not!" I burst in to tears, this couldn't be happening. Boppy, is my grandmother, I've called her Boppy since I was able to speak. She practically raised me. She was the strongest person I have know. I've Known.

Tori, and Harry where also close to her. Harry was the closest, I don't know why, he just was. She was always there for him when something happened. My Boppy was there for everyone.  Open to everyone. She would give up the bed she slept on, for you. I have always looked up to her. 

"Tori, I want to go home." Tears where staining my cheeks but I didn't care who saw me, I just wanted to get home. 



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