hidden secrets

Destiny had lived with harry and his family for a couple years now. she had pushed Harry to try out for the X-factor and with that push he became in the band One Direction, with his four best friends. since she is like his sister, and his bestfriend she lives with one direction. but what will happen when she has to tell them a shocking secret?


11. chapter 11

Destiny's P.O.V

      "Its time to get up in the morning... got macdonalds breakfast for you...and every body else... drove 3 miles to get it now get up and eat is... ITS TIME TO GET UP ITS TIME TO GET UP!!!!" hell.fucking.no.  once they started jumping on the bed I was done. I heard Tori get up.. Shit. "EVERYONE STOP! HARRY!" I yell calling Harry. You have to wake Tori up a certain way, or else she starts having a panic attack, she developed this because she was abused. "Everyone shut up, Some one go get Harry please!" I start crying. Tori starts to flip out, she couldn't breath, I went and help her in my arms, trying to calm her down. Liam came back in the room with Harry. Harry takes Tori out of my hands, and sings to her while she is in his hands. She finally started to calm down. "I'll go get her some water, just lay her down on the bed, and pick an outfit for her to wear to school." I tell Harry, he nods and goes to my closet. I went down stairs and I start to pour her some water when the questions started to come. "Destiny what happened back there?" Liam asked still in shock. "Yea is she OK?" Zayn asked. "Better yet, WHO is she?" Niall asked. when did he get here? "she's fine, just don't wake her up anymore, she has a problem when woken up in certain ways, and that is Tori, my best-friend since 2nd grade" I explain, and walk back to my room to Harry tickling Tori, and Tori laughing like she's ever laughed before. "Well aren't you guys having fun" I say with a wink. I toss the water at Tori and she starts chugging it. "Why on Earth would you let Harry pick out my clothes?!" She asked laughing. "I mean look what he picked out! Its atrocious!" I look at the outfit: my mini skirt i have for when I go to the club, and a crop top. Oh Harry. I laughed and shook my head. "What I thought it looks good!" Harry saud defending him self. "Tori you can go pick an outfit out of my closet, we'll go get your clothes after school." I say laughing. "Ok!" I walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth and my hair. Eww. Why am I so ugly, and fat?! ugh. I was about to start brushing my hair when two strong arms rapped around me. Niall. "Good morning beautiful." He whispered in my ear. I turn around to face him. "good morning love" I say back to him. He lifted me up in his arms, I rapped my legs around his waisted. "And what is my princess doing to day?" He asked. "school, then I have to go to Toris to help her get her stuff." I inform him. "oh.." He said disappointed. "whats wrong babe?" I asked him, worried. "Nothing, it's just, are you sure you don't have another plans today?" I though for a while. "No, why?" Was I forgetting something? "no reason, just needed to make sure." His eyes where sad. "Niall tell me whats wrong! what am I forgetting! Tel-" Shit. me and Niall had plans. "Niall I'm so sorry I forget!" I said pulling him in to a hug. "I'm so, so sorry, its just with Tori com-" I didn't get to finish my sentence, when his lips crashed in to mine. It felt so right. People say it's like fireworks, and a tingling in your body, but its not. It's not this big 'oh my gosh I kissed him, it was perfect, fireworks went off between us.' kind of thing. It was a moment, you will never forget. Like when you where little and you finally got that doll you've wanted for so long. Or your daddy finally came back from the army. It felt like nothing mattered. Like nothing was there. It was like time froze, but yet time was on fast-forward. The felling lasted a lifetime, but the moment only lasted for so long. 

We where interrupted buy Tori. "uhem. Mind telling me whats going on here?" I looked at Niall who was looking at me. We where both blushing. "I'll tell you later." I say leaving the bathroom, smiling, with Niall behind. I go to my room and about 10 minutes later my outfit was picked out; A grey tank-top, white skinny jeans, a thin brown belt, a pink scarf, gold sandals, and gold hop earrings. I put some cover up on, some mascara, eye liner, and some lip stick and gloss. I ended up just leaving my hair natural in its light brown, lose curls. I look at my self in the mirror. Ew. Oh well time for school. I grab my phone and me and Tori walk out the door to Paul's car. 

"Paul, this is Tori, Tori this is Paul." I introduced them. "Hello!" Paul greeted her cheerfully. "Hello! Not to be rude but I must talk to Destiny!" Ugh. "That's fine!" Paul said and thats when Tori turned to me. thanks a lot Paul. "Tell me. now." I looked at her with a confused look. "What? what are you talking about?" I said jokingly. Only she wasn't having it. "Paul, I'm very sorry I haven't said anything to you, but may i ask you a question?" She asked. "yes! yes of course! ask away!" Paul, errg. "What is the deal with Destiny, and Niall?" Tori asked very seriously. He looked at her through the mirror for a few seconds. Then, he bursted out in to laughter. "Destiny cares so much about him, she likes him, A LOT! even though she wont admit it! And Niall, oh Niall. He is HOPLESSLY in love with her. But hasn't told anyone, because he's scared of Harry, and her not feeling the same. But everyone knows because you can read his feelings like a book. well everyone, but Destiny."He said that last part, while looking at me. "Has Niall said anything to you about her?" Tori asked. "Yes. TONS! He's said things to, 'him wanting to date her,' to 'she's perfect,' to 'he wouldn't be able to live without her,' to 'I love her'." Was this true? dId he really say he loved me? "ok well Paul, would you like to know what I found this morning?" He nodded. "I found the two love birds, kissing, in the bathroom, this morning, and she wont spill." Paul stopped the car. "Oh girly you better spill." Now Paul, and Tori where looking at me. UGH. "Fine, fine. while Niall was in the hospital, Louis, and Harry, forced Niall to admit how he feels about me. And once everyone left he asked me out. And this morning, he just surprised me, since I thought he wasn't going to be back till this afternoon." I admitted to them. They both sat there with puppy dog eyes, and big smiles on. Weirdos. "and we have a date tonight.." I say the last part in a whisper. "WHAT?!?!? WE HAVE TO GET YOU READY!" Tori screamed. "Chill, we have school, and I'm helping you with your clothes." I explained. "NO! I will go get her clothes with Eleanor and Perrie. They will know what to bring, and not to." Paul offered, more like demand. "ugh. fine, just can we get to school before we're late?" and with that we drove off. 


Tori's P.O.V

Destiny hadn't eaten breakfast, weird, she usually eats a whole meal before school. "Hey Destiny?" "Yes?" "you wanna get some food? You didn't eat breakfast." She looked down at her hands, and started fidgeting them. "hello?" "what, no I'm not hungry." That was weird.. "are you sure? you usually always eat." she wasn't the kind of girl that could eat everything and still be skinny, she still watched what she ate, and she worked out, just I don't know, she loved food. "YES! I said I'm not hungry! Why can't you just leave it at that?!?" Destiny doesn't blow up on me like this, ever. "Okay, I'm sorry" And with that, we were at school. "bye Paul! Nice to meet you!" Destiny started laughing, what did I do? "what? Did i get his name wrong?" I asked Destiny. "No, He stays with me during school, he's my bodyguard to." she said laughing. "Oh." My cheeks where burning from embarrassment. 


We all walked in to school, Destiny showing my locker, which was right next to hers, and after we put our stuff away, we went to class. Destiny took a deep breath before opening the door. she opened the door and everything went silent. 



"Harry's ugly step sister is here!"

"don't look her in the eyes! You will turn to stone!" 

"Ew, I gained 10 pounds looking at her!" 


oh hELL FUCKING NO! I looked over to Destiny, she was crying.Thank god the teacher was in here, she can take care of it, because I might just cut a bitch. "Destiny! Detention! Every time you come in my class room, you start a distraction!" OH.no.she.just.did.not.

"excuse me." I hiss through my teeth. 

"Tori, don't, it's fine." Destiny, tries to calm me down. I push her hand away. 

"Yes?" The teacher said. 

"are you stupid!"

"eXCU-" I cut her off. 

"NO! Destiny Rain Pullen, This girl right here, Is NOT causing a disturbance. You, YOU, are a stupid bitch. She is getting called hurtful, nasty names, and the only thing you seem to be doing is sitting on your fat ass! she doesn't deserve any of this. And you people!" I turned to the class. 

"Tori, st-" Destiny started.

"You, nasty, horrible people. This girl, is anything but a whore. And if you ever, and I mean EVER Say anything like that again. I can, and will cut the fuck out of you. And if you do have anything to say, I'm here for it! I'm open! try your hardest!"I look at Destiny, with tears staining her face. It hurt me so bad to see her like this. Like her past wasn't enough. 

I walked over to her, and whipped her tears away. she mouthed thank you and I pulled her in to a hug, while she cried in my arms.


"Uhem!" Ugh, this bitch again. "yes." i hiss through my teeth. 

"Destiny, you don't have detention anymore." thats more like it. 

"but you, you have detention." she pointed to me. 

"sure, give the girl sticking up to bullying detention, that'll show society!" People make me sick. 

"Hey! whats up with the cunt?" Oh.hell.no.


Destiny's P.O.V 

Oh, no. I tried to grab Tori's hand, but it was to late. "excuse me?" This wasn't going to end well. 

"I said 'whats up with the cunt' what your ugly and deff?" 

"nice comeback." 

"nice eyes chink." Fucking no you fucking cunt. I walked up to the girl. Demi. blah. 

I pushed Tori out of the way, and just stood there. I heard Tori in the background laughing and saying "oh your getting it now!" 

Demi looked at me and laughed. I laughed too. she was about to start talking, but before she started, I slapped that smile right off her face. "Nice bruise." I said and turned away. And then she pulled my hair. I looked at Tori, she looked at me, and the cat fight began.

*after Paul pulled Tori and I off the girls.*

"Come on Girls, let go of them!" Paul whined. We let go and gave each other a bear hug. and with that, we were sent to the principles office. I looked at Tori, a black eye, busted lip, and a bloody nose. I had a Busted lip, black eye, and a gash on my cheek from Demi's fake nails. But Demi got the worst. A tooth knocked out, both eyes where bruised, scratches on her face, and a broken nose. Tori and I where always getting in fights when we where in middle school, every time we got called something, we beat the hell out of that person. So Tori were use to it, and are pretty bad ass at fighting. We were sitting on the bench waiting for the principle to call us in her office. 

*time later*

"Girls!" We stopped laughing and walked in. 

"Sit down." And we did.

"what is the meaning of this Destiny!?" I looked down at my hands. I was about to talk when Tori did for me.

"we stood up to bullying, because that dumb teacher didn't do anything but yell at the victim." 

"And the fight." Tori started laughing. So did I. "UHEM!"

I looked up at her. "They can say, do, or call me any god damn thing. And they can say anything goddamn thing to Tori too. But i draw the fucking line at my best-friend being called a chink. That is the most, disrespectful, nasty, inhumane thing to do. No person should ever be made fun of because their eyes are different." I looked at Tori and grabbed her hand.

"Fair enough, but you both are still expelled." oh no. no no no no no no! 

"No! please ! PLEASE! I WONT BE ABLE TO GO TO OXFORD!" I yell with tears forming in my eyes. I couldn't hold them in. I started balling. I have to go to college. I had to prove my mother wrong. 

"No! She has to stay! Please! expel me! don't punish her, she didn't do anything! You don't understand how hard she worked for this! she's been planning this since 2th grade!" Tori tries to talk the teach out of it, but she wouldn't budge. I started whaling. Tori pulled me into a hug and comforted me, but i could feel her tears falling to. She had plans too. We have the same plans, we were in each others plans. I heard a lot of screaming from the halls. Tori and I both fly to the floor, and cling to each other. Force of habit. I heard the guidance counselor yelling at someone, and then a familiar voice scream "NO! I'm going in now! MOVE!" With that The door flung open.


*how do you like it? sorry it took me so long! the next one is going to be up soon already started!*




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