hidden secrets

Destiny had lived with harry and his family for a couple years now. she had pushed Harry to try out for the X-factor and with that push he became in the band One Direction, with his four best friends. since she is like his sister, and his bestfriend she lives with one direction. but what will happen when she has to tell them a shocking secret?


10. chapter 10

Liams P.O.V

     I felt horrible after the incident with Tori and Harry. I felt good when she comforted me. She was a real sweetheart, and I could see the way Harry looked at her, he really likes her. I can tell shes not a faze, he really likes her, and im happy. After Tori explained their friendship to me, we grabbed our stuff and we where on our way back to our flat. When we got in the car they started sharing their stories about their childhood. "I think the reason why me and Destiny bonded so much is because she was really sweet, loving, and in all a hearted person, and once she told me what she was dealing with at home i just felt like i needed to be there and help her through it" Harry said. "Well me and Destiny hated each other in 1st grade, but in 2nd grade we shared a cubby. One day when she was picked up her mother was in a terrible mood and she picked her up by her hair and before she left the room she mouthed 'help me' to me. The next day she came in to school with a huge bruise on her face and scar on her shoulder, no one in our class knew why, she told the teacher that she fell out of a tree, but being abused my self I knew exactly why. I went up to her and gave her a big hug, we cried together and we spilled everything to each other." By the end of the story she was in tears. I saw Harry grab her hand from the rearview mirror.

      "When did you and Harry start becoming so close together?" I asked. "well I think I started trusting him with my secrets the night of my 15th birthday" She looked up at Harry, and they looked at each other remembering the night. "that night Destiny was suppose to sleep over but I had to cancel on her, because my father was drunk, and I knew that she would of been in danger. So informing my father i went up to him and told him that i canceled on Destiny. and he started screaming and yelling 'you cant even keep a friend!' 'your a fucking slut!' this and that and that night I had the worst beating ever. All I could remember was calling Harry once he left the room telling him i needed help. Then I passed out"she said. "Hearing how weak and hurt she was on the phone, I knew I needed to help her. I drove to her house, and I went to her backyard and climbed through her window, and i saw her there covered in blood. I picked her up over my shoulder and drover her to the hospital, she had 3 broken ribs, a fractured skull,and a broken ankle. Along with eternal bleeding. That week she stayed at my house until she had enough energy and was healthy enough. I begged her not to leave but she insisted, saying she had to. I had nightmares all year about her being hurt." I couldnt believe the stories they where telling me. I never knew Destiny was abused. And her being so young? What a shame this world is.

      "the day i actually started caring was the night we all had a sleep over" "Harry.." Tori said with shook and confusion. "Its true." "but that was the first day we met!" "and the first day i started caring" he said. oh Harry i laughed in my head. "well what had happened that night?" I asked wanting to hear the rest of the story. "we where all over at my house for a end of the summer party." Harry started. "Tori and Destiny came together, like always, and we where about to go to sleep when Toris dad called her and started screaming at her. For just meeting her, I knew somthing was wrong by the way she was talking. i asked Destiny about her and she told me everything. I couldnt believe it! once she got off the phone she started crying and i went over to her and comforted her all night. she cried in my arms and i just held her. And i never wanted her to leave my side" he looked down at her "Awe Harry!" she said tearing up. Then they started hugging. "hey break it up you to!" I joked with them. And thats when we pulled up to our flat.


Destinys P.O.V

   After I left the hospital i went straight to our flat. i decided to just keep my sweeter on and just wear some or my work out pants. I was in the kitchen when i heard Liam coming in the door "shhh" he said talking to another person. Well that was weird? "Liam? Is that you?" "Yes! Im home!" he said in laughter. "Is Harry with you?" "yes Destiny im here!" Harry Yelled back Laughing also. What is up with them? "are you guys drunk?!" I asked extremely angry since I hate them drinking without me there to supervise. "No mother we are fine!" Harry said teasing. "hey what room are you in?" Liam asked. "The kitchen why?" "we have a surprise!" they said at the same time. Great. I heard a third person. Was Zayn with them? No that was a girls voice. Wait thats not just a girls laugh, thats... OMG !! "TORI!! OMG OMG OMG!" I yelled at the top of my lungs not even being positive it was her (but i knew that laugh anywhere) I ran out of the kitchen. "OMG OMG OMG OMG!! DESTINY!" We ran in to each others arms. Crying and hugging each other Not letting go. "how the hell did you know it was her? and you guys are wearing the same sweeter!" Liam asked in amazement. "trust me dude this isnt the weirdest thing they've done. They have the same Birthday they have telepathy" We both laughed knowing exactly what hes talking about. When I first moved in to Harrys house Tori had been kick out and i woke up in the middle of the night and had Harry drive me over to central park where we found her sleeping on the bench with out her even telling me. We hugged for about 2 more minutes then we broke apart. "I knew it was her because i could smell her candy apple perfume anywhere, and then i heard her laugh and that deff gave it away!" I said and we both laughed. 

       Me and Tori spent the next 4 hours talking, laughing, crying, and singing just like we use to. gosh ! I havnt seen this girl in 2 years! We were in the middle of talking about our schools when Harry walked in. "Hey monsters! I just got off the phone with Paul. He called the school board and they said that Tori can transfer schools and be in all the same classes as you Destiny" He quickly covered his ears knowing whats coming next. "AHHHHH!!!" we both scream getting up, jumping up and down. Harry cleared his throat causing us both to stop and calm down. "umm Hey Tori ermm" He started to say nervously rubbing the back of his neck "would you want to go out to eat after school tomorrow?" She looked at me and i could she through her eyes what she was saying 'Please Please let me say yes PLEASE!' 'fine' I said through my eyes. "yes I would love to!" "great!" he then closed the door. "wait" I said holding up my hand. "3....2....1.. OK NOW!" we both screamed being so happy. After we figured out what she was gonna wear and all that, it became serious. "Tori. serious time." she looked at me straight faced. "ok go" she said. "Please tell me, you still have the 'purple monster' lazy day outfit." I said so serious, it felt like someone died. "are you kidding me? I never leave house with out my spare!" We both put our outfits on and watched movies all night.

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