Her name is sophie

Sophie is an 18 year old senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School.Her main hobby is sitting in the branches and watching the world.But one day a young handsome boy discovers her little hiding spot.That young boy's name is Harry,he starts to hang out with her over a time limit,but...............................what does he do to tell her that he has feelings for her now???What will she think of him?Just a friend or even a non friend,or a love????Find out in this mind twisting movella.


7. Her problem.

Sophie's P.O.V


It's Tuesday!!!like im happy............huh no!I really can't take those words that came out of Harry's mouth of my mind.If i try to think about homework it won't work!I just get headaches because those lovely words stack up in my memory and it's like if they were stuck there permanently.So im very worried about what is going to happen today without me telling."SOPHIE!!COME DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!"i suddenly hear my mom yell out the seam.I rush down to the kitchen and find her holding a newspaper article."what is it?"i ask impatiently,what the hell is this about?

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE SHOWING YOUR BOOBS TO SOME RANDOM KID?"she shouts at me as she hands me the paper.I see it and become speechless."mom that's not me!"i protest.She shakes her head no."THAT'S WHAT I LET YOU GO FOR???TO HAVE SEX WITH A KID?"she shouts again.I can feel my eyes starting to water up with the tears that these lies caused.I drop the article and quickly rush up to get my phone.-contact:harry-i call harry and cry silently.


I pause with my emotions,"harry..........you need to see the newspaper right now!"i start to shout out my tears.

"wait wait what's wrong?"

"we don't have time for questions yet just right now look at it please and call me back when your done"



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