Her name is sophie

Sophie is an 18 year old senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School.Her main hobby is sitting in the branches and watching the world.But one day a young handsome boy discovers her little hiding spot.That young boy's name is Harry,he starts to hang out with her over a time limit,but...............................what does he do to tell her that he has feelings for her now???What will she think of him?Just a friend or even a non friend,or a love????Find out in this mind twisting movella.


3. Her new classmate.

Sophie's P.O.V


Well my 8th period is English and it's not that interesting,but one of the foreign kids is gonna be checking the whole period time and i was wondering that what might happen could be interesting.

So right now im in the cold seat and waiting for the teacher like always!!!"hey emo"i hear a girl mumble to me, i don't pay attention to her and just turn my head."hey im talking to you!!!"i hear her yell over the chattering that's going on around the whole class."hi"i reply with the fakest smile ever."what do you think of curly over there?"she asks me pointing to what i think is the new foreign kid."nothing"................."not for you stupid!!!what do you think of me and him"she smacks my desk.I roll my eyes and sigh."you'll both look great!now leave please!"i raise my voice.

When it's finally time for class,our teacher mr.skinfloot walks in with his ipad and coffee jug in his hands."ok guys and girls i just want to introduce someone first before we start class.He is not foreign,he's britian,so that means he can speak english and he understands,so don't try to like switch things up."our teacher gives a mini speech about the new kid.

Once mr.skinfloots done with the rest of his speech,he finally gives the front space to this guy."hi guys" he says with a low kinda cranky voice.Every one says hi but me,i just lower my head."Im harry Styles ugh.....im 18 years old and im from homes chapel,england."he continues his little me paragraph."great no body cares!"calls out Henry.He's one of the most popular guys in the whole school.I would let it go if i were Harry.

I can see the sadness in this kids eyes.I can see how he feels hurt and he's already regretting this school."Henry outside NOW! harry you can keep going"

"oh no im done mr"

"oh ok well you can just sit somewhere to the side"

"ok" harry answers with a slight sigh.oh god that's a really bad start.

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