Her name is sophie

Sophie is an 18 year old senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School.Her main hobby is sitting in the branches and watching the world.But one day a young handsome boy discovers her little hiding spot.That young boy's name is Harry,he starts to hang out with her over a time limit,but...............................what does he do to tell her that he has feelings for her now???What will she think of him?Just a friend or even a non friend,or a love????Find out in this mind twisting movella.


9. Her lover?.

Sophie's P.O.V


After school you obviously know where i go>.<.........but im not going alone!!Harry's coming with me because he feels the need to cheer me up after all the quotes the bully's said in my face.So right now we are walking to the woods and he's trying to hold my hand but i have to fold it up my arms when he does."hey umm Sophie??i have to tell you something when we get to the tree"harry scares me with that sentence,it always ends up being something you don't expect."ok"i answer with a fake smile but actually it's a scared smile.

When we get to Rossy,harry and i take our spots leaning against the tree."hey wait!............before we start with the sentences and quotes,i want you to climb with me"i say to harry smiling."what?!?!?!do you want me to die?"harry asks chuckling.I laugh and nod no."you just have to hold my hand then"i add with a small wink.

When me and harry start to climb i accidentally let go of one hand while looking at the ground,so i half-fall but harry quickly grabs me and im face to face with him less than an inch."i just wanted to tell you that........i like you and i would do anything to have you in my heart"i dont have time to react to his words because he  quickly presses his lips against myn and i let it go for about 3 seconds and then i let go."harry i know that we are really good friends but right now im not up to your secret admirer stuff"i say quietly scared.

Me and harry reach the floor and i don't even get to put my heel on the grass because harry grabs my waist and kisses me again.I try to pull back but his strength holds me tight to him.I start getting into it but i regret it. Finally i let go and look at harry."harry i can't do this right now im sorry!"i shout at him getting my stuff and running off to the horizon.

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