Her name is sophie

Sophie is an 18 year old senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School.Her main hobby is sitting in the branches and watching the world.But one day a young handsome boy discovers her little hiding spot.That young boy's name is Harry,he starts to hang out with her over a time limit,but...............................what does he do to tell her that he has feelings for her now???What will she think of him?Just a friend or even a non friend,or a love????Find out in this mind twisting movella.


13. Her hospital presence.

Sophie's P.O.V


I sit down on the chair next to the bed with my head down on my arms and my tears dirtying the white sheets.My hands intertwined with Harry's hand.Then i think a nurse walks in,until i hear her speak."hey ugh............sophie."my moms ugly voice taunts me.After all she is part of the dealing group.I raise my head and by a feeling,i think it's pretty darn ugly.Full of smeared makeup and messy hair."what do you want?..............to talk to me about the guy is that it?"i silently say with temper. "no.......not at all"she reply's.I stare at her but just seeing her face kills me inside out.So i put my head back down."im sorry i accused you of something................i now noticed isn't true."

I raise my head up again and frown."mom!!i've been telling you all this time!.........why wouldn't you believe me???did i just look like a liar?is that the problem?"i start to cry again,because she's making me feel guilty,,,which i was from the start,but this type of guiltiness i guess only i could feel.She smiles slightly and rubs my hair."i know,im so sorry,i was just so scared that it could be true and i didn't want anyone to insult you!".................i feel a punch in the guts and i stretch harry's hand out to show her."he saved my life because he is the only one who cares...........or cared about me"

I can tell by her face that she feels so stupid and fault-full."i can tell now that he really did!!or does."i hear her spill out those words i've waited for more than for 2 days."finally you agreed"i say with a full smile.


After a while my mom leaves and i sit here alone with harry.I eventually fall asleep.But when i wake up i see that he's wide open and staring at me with a smile.I become speechless with a full smile as well."omg harry you woke up!!!"i scream with happy tears.He gives a cheeky expression and holds my hand tighter."i would never leave you the way you were about to leave me"

I can't hug him or i'll hurt him but i couls kiss him."yeah...........you deserve more than this"I say with a slight grin.An confused expression passes him and i start to lean in."more than 1 kiss" i whisper.He stares into my eyes and i do the same.

Then i get close to him enough and only about 1 inch left in our space.........................."i do love you harry" i mumble and kiss him quickly so he doesn't have any words to stop us.........:)


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