Her name is sophie

Sophie is an 18 year old senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School.Her main hobby is sitting in the branches and watching the world.But one day a young handsome boy discovers her little hiding spot.That young boy's name is Harry,he starts to hang out with her over a time limit,but...............................what does he do to tell her that he has feelings for her now???What will she think of him?Just a friend or even a non friend,or a love????Find out in this mind twisting movella.


10. Her feelings.

Sophie's P.O.V


I keep running as far away as possible from that place,now that it's suddenly shot by love i can't be there anymore.I look back while running,thinking if he's chasing after me.Ungratefully he's not.So i stop and catch my breath.I continue to turn my head for any signs but he's probably still sitting there thinking or sad.I take that off my mind and continue running home.

Several minutes later,i get home,very cold and tired.When i go in my parents could easily turn my exhaustion into something abnormal.(they could think i had tooo much fun)"where have you been and why are you so tired all of a sudden.?"my mum asks me with a deep voice that scares me."i have been at the tree"i reply with tremble and anxiety."no you haven't liar!.........you've been out there having sex haven't ya?"my dad raises his voice that i have to shut my eyes several times.I take a loud sigh and shake my head side to side."yes i have ok?,i haven't been having sex at all ok?,why would you guys even believe something from the outside world?and espe-"my mum raises her hand up to her chest motioning me to stop.   "then who was that kid in the paper?"

"he was a new kid and he followed me there so i decided to talk to him,i was also standing up in front of him but i wasn't showing him my boobs.!!!"i mumble back with anger.I hate it how my parents though believed something a high school made up!!!............................a rumor>>>>

"sure he was"my dad reply's with a roll of eyes."ok fine if you don't believe me then why don't i invite him over some day for dinner?"umm that's going to be hard because after all,i did do something terrible.My dad throws his hands in the air and makes his way to me.




"i'd love to meet him"he says with such scary tone....

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