Breaking dawn part 3

why did twilight have to end!? this is what i think would happen if it still continiued this is what i think would happen (DoNt! jUdGe!!)



jasper and Alice were incepritaple after we got back. They wouldnt be apart from eachopther. "Well the voltori are actually gone.. forever." Carlisle noted. "Thank god." Emmett sighed. "You would think that we would have been dead." "I saw what was going to happen, i knew we would live." Alice smiled brightly.  I smiled at Edward and of course the rest of my family. "We should get renesmee and Jacob, our family isnt conplete without them." Edward suggested. MY eyes opened wide : "Jacob too!" I was surprised by his words. "that would be nice." Carlisle agreed. The rest of them shook their heads except Rosalie who just glared. "Then we should go now."



               We pulled up to the old cullens house which Carlisle and Esme gave to Jake and Nessie. Me and Edward opened the door. Renesmee was sleeping in Jaobs Arms. "woah! Bella Edward? why ae yoiu guys here!" Jacob smiled widely. "The voltori are dead.. we kinda killed them so we figured we wanted to be with our  whole family it's not conplete without you two." Edward explained. "Us two!" He exclaimed. "Yea, yeah dont make a big deal out of it.... dog." Edward chuckled. Jaob eyed him but shook renesmee. "Nessie wake up." He whisperd. "Jake... Mommy! daddy!" She got up and ran to both of us."Hey nessie." I cooed."wanna here some good news!" Edward asked. She shook her head to say yes. "You and jake are going to come with me and daddy!" I exclaimed. "For alittle bit?" She asked. jake chuckled :"FOrver ness." Her eyes widened:"really!." "Yes!". She smiled and hugged us. Our family will now be conplete.



                                             THE END

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