Breaking dawn part 3

why did twilight have to end!? this is what i think would happen if it still continiued this is what i think would happen (DoNt! jUdGe!!)


4. Jasper

I walked in the room and took a seat, i picked up the news paper and started reading. "Your confused." I said to Bella. Of course she was, I mean why would i come in here and sit down? Me and Bella Arent fighting or even mad at eachother we just dont talk too much. She smiled. :You're amaing Jasper." I chuckled alittle. "Why diid't you go hunting with them?" Bella asked. I sighed, "I just wasnt thirsty."  "Why are you confused?" asked, knowig the answer a;ready. "Jasper why do you stay if Alice werent here would you go off.?" Bella whisperd. That took me by suprise, i figured Edward would have already said something. "Didn't Edward already-" "I wanna hear your point." She added. "This is obviosly not my first choice." I smiled alittle. "But ALice is my everything, everything I do is for her." I explained.  "I thought so." BElla smiled alittle. "BUt also im not sure if Alice wasnt here if I didnt have her well I dont know what i would do...  The depression was too much." I whisperd.  She didnt answer but i knew she wanted to ask something more, of course i wasnt Edward so I dont know. "Were you relieved three years ago when you guys left before  Alice told you your plan?" She asked. "relieved, no. Confused? Yes." I smiled. "I didn't know what was happening after we crossed the land." I said. "I thought she was going alittle crazy and maybe scared but I wasnt sure why she wanted to abandon her family thats not Alice." I noted "But she was just helping." BElla explained. "Now thats my Alice." I laughed.


       Emmett and Rose bursted threw the door making out passionetly. I rolled my eyes:" what happened there?" "They started kissing in the woods... we told them get a room and now they are." Edward sighed. Carlisle and Esme came in laughing and holding hands. "Wheres Alice?" I asked "I can't read her thoughts anymore." Edward was worried. "She was just next to me before we came in." Carlsile said. "crap! guys." Emmett suddenly burst threw the hallway. "No!" Edward shouted. "Wheres Alice!" I yelled. "Bro.... The voltori got her..." Emmett admitted. "What do you mean they got her." I griitted my teeth. "We were um... you know and we heard a scream we looked outside and Alice was getting taken away by two black robes they turned around and it was Felix and Jane I went after but Jane saw and used her power obviosuly. They ran before i got a chance to go after them." Emmett explained. I was mad but now i was upset all i saw was Alice in a black robe blood red eyes. "We need to go now." I roared. "They'll know were coming." Bella put in. "I dont care they have Alice!" I exclaimed. "Why would they even come?" Carlsile wonderd. "Isn't obviouse, no one expected a visit and Alice wasnt looking for Jane or Felix Aro wanted her and now hes gonna." Emmett explained. "I'm going alone." I decided. "No your not!" Esme but in. "We'll all go." Rose said. "They're gonna kill us if we all go if i just go.. Ide rather me be dead then all of you." I told them. "We're all going." BElla fought. "If we all go lives will be lost and I will go by myself to keep you guys safe." I declaired. Edward spoke up for the first time: "What if half of us go and half stay?"  "All of us go to Italy were not talking about it anymore." Esme orderd. "Fine but we need a plan just talking isnt gonna happen when we go." I explained, "And we dont have 10 different covens and the wolves helping us either." I added. "And we're going blined." Edward poineted that out. "I already know the turn out of this fight... but now our chances are even worse." Edward sighed. "when do we go?" Rosealie asked. "Today but running will take two slow we'll have to all seperate into Four cars." I planed out. "3, your not going alone." Carlisle said. "ok I'll go with Edward and Bella." I decieded. "Ok then, lets go."

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