Breaking dawn part 3

why did twilight have to end!? this is what i think would happen if it still continiued this is what i think would happen (DoNt! jUdGe!!)


7. Edward

I slammed the door to my silver volvo. "Where's carlisle and Esme?" Emmett asked. "Here." Carlsile anounced. "we have a plan?" Rose asked. "Edward?"Carlisle asked. "Aro saw us coming... He wants to talk first before the fight starts." I told them. "he wants us to walk in?" Emmett asked, astonished. "Come on lets do this thing!" jasper whisperd.


             We walked into the "palce." It was one of the most awkward experiences I've encounterd. "cullens." Demitri anounced. "Demetri, Felix." Carlisle  greeted. "Aro has invited you to meet him, I'm guessing that if your here for what I think you are then you will follow." Japser let a low growl slip out of his teeth. We followed Demitri and Felix tnrough the winding hall into the elivator. I changed my mind.. that was the most awkwerd experents i ever encounterd. "What his he thinking?" Jasper whisperd when we got out. "He thinks that you'll join them rather then leave Alice." I whisperd. "'ll save Alice." He said to himself more then me. I clutched Bella's hand and kissed her on her forehead quickly emmett rose, Carlsile and Esme did the same thing. When we walked into the room Ciuse, Aro and Marcus were all sitting in there seets Jane on thier right and Alec on the left. Evryone thought at the same time; WHERE'S ALICE! "well Hello my friends!" Aro greeted us warmly as if we were coming to just say hello. Jasper growled which led Aro's loud laugh. "It's so nice how you all travel together! Aro exclaiomed. Marcus let a sigh slip out of his mouth looking as bored as usuall. Ciuse just smiled widely thinking: death. "Aro we would like to see Alice." Carlisle spoke up. "Isn't that ashame." Caius snickerd. "Let's not be hasty brother, Jane Alec would you mind?" Aro asked.  Jane smiled and left the room along with Alec.They came in a second later Holding Alice's Arms.


 Alice just hung there, she was weak from thirst and her eyes were pitch black. "Alice." Jasper mouthed. Sorry. She thought. "So you've seen her now... Maybe you could convince her that if she joined our guared she wouldn't be so weak." Aro suggested. "Never!" Alice growled. Jaspers eyes were upset, all of our were. "welll you have seen her Alec, Jane.. take her away and finish the job." Jasper's eyes were wide open : "LET. HER GO!"

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