Breaking dawn part 3

why did twilight have to end!? this is what i think would happen if it still continiued this is what i think would happen (DoNt! jUdGe!!)


2. Edward

***takes place 3 years later***


           I sat on the bed, hands locked in Bellas. "Are you ready?" I asked. "i Dont really wanna leave Edward, we've had so many memories in forks." Bella admitted. "I don't either bella but at least we'll be with everyone our whole family still together." Edward Renesmee- " I stopped her  "Her and jacob will be fine her in  forks Bella i trust Jacob." I snorted at that, god im now trusting a werewolf  with my own daughters life. "We'll come back and visit." It wasnt a question. I kissed her on the fowarhead and got up. "Alice is calling." I rolled my eyes. "Ok then!" Bella got up and took my hand.  "Ready to say goodbye?" I asked. "Im not sure." She said but we still walked out of our cabin.


                 Renesmee was next to jacob holding his hand. Her dark curls blew in the wind and she ran over to me and bella. "Be good renesmee." Bella orderd. she nodded and Bella kissed her fowhead "I love you nessie." She sighed. "Daddy? Ness asked. " Yes honey?" I asked. "will you come back." I frowned at this question. "Of course we will but ou and jacob will be very happy, i promise." I smiled weakly. "Ok daddy." She hugged me and ran to rose. "Bye Renesmee." she hugged rose and said goodbye to everyone. "Bye Ness." Japser was the last one to say goodbye,, HE gave eher a awkwerd hug  and i chuckled alittle jasper was always too conciosue of things. "Bye jacob.. take care of my daughter." I patted jake on the back and he nodded.  "Bye guys.. it was nice all these years didnt ever think i'de be living with vampires." We all laughed alittle. "Ok well i think we should head off." carlisle smiled sympathecticy. I smiled rememerbing the first time i looked at my wife a fragile little human at the time and now.. i sighed. she was perfect i thought. I took her hand and we left.

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