Breaking dawn part 3

why did twilight have to end!? this is what i think would happen if it still continiued this is what i think would happen (DoNt! jUdGe!!)


6. Carlisle

I drove down the long road hand in Esme's. "I hope Alice is alright." Esme worried. "She probably is just try not to worry." I hated lying to Esme, but i knew it would just make her more upset if i told her that she wasnt ok right now and they were holding her prisinor. I knew what they did when someone was captured. "Jasper is really upset." Esme noted. "I know when we go to get Alice I'm afraid he'll charge and get himself killed." I whisperd. "I won't let that happen." Esme promised. I drove faster, keeping up with Emmett's car and Edward's. My phone vibrated in my pocket. "Hello." I answerd. "We're close, I can hear Aro's thoughts." Edward told me. "I know i can see the tower." I explained. "You said you could read Aro's mind what is he thinking?" I asked. "Uh nothing in particulure He's anticapaiting this though, He knows that we would never let Alice just be gone and he's already Demitri and Felix neer the doors." Edward exclaimed. "Er, uh Jasper wants to talk to you." "Carlsile i have a plan." Jasper decaired. "Your not going-" He stopped me. "No not Alone -he laughed- but yes alone. I'll go in by myslef and you guys will not be far behind." Jasper explained, "we can't just sneak in Jasper." I explained. He sighed "we'll get her son." I reassured him. "I know.and he shut the phone.

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