Breaking dawn part 3

why did twilight have to end!? this is what i think would happen if it still continiued this is what i think would happen (DoNt! jUdGe!!)


8. Bella

"Jazz, no!" Alice yelled. But it was too late jasper was on the floor cringing in pain. I tried to extend my shield but jane was too close. "Finsih him off!" Caius orderd. Felix started to run over and that was something my shield couldnt protect. The next thing that happened took everyone by surprise. I wasn;t sure if Alice got her strength back or if seeing her true love about to die made her get it back but in an instant she did a flip and tore  Jane and Alecs arms off. She got a lighter and killed them for real.


         Felix and Demitri charged towards us. We split up into groups and took them down. Felix was harder to kill. he lunged towards Alice. her neck was in her hands until Jasper jumped and took him by the neck Edward and I took his Arms and ripped them apart jasper rippped his head off. Alice took out the lighter and lit him on fire. Cauis and Aro's eyes were lit with rage, Marcus's were just annoyed. Marcus and Cauis stepped out of there throne. Cauis Leaped onto Japser, gripping his face. Tiny cracks were forming. I took his legs and swung him into Marcus.Emmett pulled up Cuais and slammed him onto the ground. He struggled to get up but Emmett pulled his head off. Marcus was killed in two seconds, his finalle words were : "finnally." Aro walked down from his thrown. Edward  lunged. "wait!" Aro yelled. Edward stopped in sudden disbelife. "I surrender."  "Why should we beilve anything you say!' Emmett yelled. "Ask your young friend Edward." I didn't like the way he said his name. Edward just glared at him. "You all can leave in peace." Aro added. Carlisle took Esme's Hand slowly turned around. Alice and Jasper were next to turn then rose and Emmett and finnally me and and Edward. "ALICE MOVE!" Edward shouted. Japser turned around and punched Aro onto the floor. and ripped his arms off. "finnally." Jasper sighed. He took Alice in and kissed her paionlty. "I love you." He whisperd and leaned in for another kiss.

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