Breaking dawn part 3

why did twilight have to end!? this is what i think would happen if it still continiued this is what i think would happen (DoNt! jUdGe!!)


3. Bella

the wind rushed past me as i thought about the amazing moment i had in forks. Why did we ave to go to Africa again? Oh yes because of me. I blamed this all on me... and now my family has to go too and we all loved forks! "Are you still thinking about what happend?" Edward asked when we all stopped. I hesated it would be so much easier sometimes if Edward could read my thoughts. "yes." i answerd, looking at his beautiful topaz eyes. "Bella dont everyones perfectly happy look around no one blames you." HE conferted.  I did look around; Esme and carlisle were holding hands and talking, Rose and emmitt were kissing as always and Alice and jasper were just laughing and kissing alittle. "Edward I wanted to go hunting and it was my fault that when i left Angelina and Jessica were there! they saw me not you so yeah its my fault." I ducked my head. He piked up my chin: "this is all about Ness isnt it?" HE saw right threw me  "I cant help but miss her." i admitted. "Of course! BElla i miss her too but i trust jacob and We can go back in alittle bit i mean really They're probably leaving soon you cant stay in one place forever." He smiled and leaned in to kiss me. We made out for alittle bit and started running again. We were in africa in 2  hours. "you picked a good house Alice." I noted as we walked in the front door. "Obviouslly!" she giggled and showed us around like she's been there her whole life. "I THink its wonderfull." Esme agreed. "of course it is ALice did pick it out." Jasper kissed Alice quickly on the lips.  Edward took my hand and led me into our room. "we got the biggest bed." He whisperd, kissing me from my neck to my lips. I pushed him back and i was in heaven.


      We walked out into our new living room. "We heard a crash, did you guys get mad over the presential debate." Emmett laughed loudly. Edward rolled his eyes. Carlsile laughed quietly on the side. "You wanna get beat again in arm wrestling,?" I asked emmitt, smiling. "fine." HE mumbled keeping himself quiet. "Ready?" Alice danced in the room. "Yeah come on." Edward nodded. Carlisle and Emmett got up and got to the door. "Hunting so soon?" I asked. "well Esme wanted to so we all went and I figured that you wouldnt want to becasue you just fed so.." Edward rampbled on. "Shush and have fun." I kissed him on the lips. and they left. Suddenly Japser walked in the room and took a seat.



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