Breaking dawn part 3

why did twilight have to end!? this is what i think would happen if it still continiued this is what i think would happen (DoNt! jUdGe!!)


1. Are they gone yet?

I held my breath not wanting to let go until it was true the voltori were gone. I held on to Edward and Renesmee scared. "They're not coming back!" Alice cheered. We burst into cheers. Emmett and roase kissing pasionitly, carlisle and esme too.  I looked at Edward and we started to, too. I couldnt stop i was just so happy.. the voltori were gone and my whole family was safe. "Come on! we've got them on the run, heres our chance!" Valdmeri yelled. We all looked at them as the motioned there hands toweds the woods. "We're not going to do that today we dont want to start anything." carlisle spoke up, no one hate violence more then him.  "FOOLS! the voltori may forgive what happened today but they will never forget!" vladamier scream and like that they were off. A smile apeared on Edwards face and he leaned in to kiss me. we kissed with such passion the voltori could have cam eback and we wouldnt have noticed.

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