Let Me Take You To Another World

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7. chapter 7


Selena's P.O.V.


Early in the morning, to early, about 7:30 a bus came to take the boys to their interview. Neither Emily or I were up yet. They had to hold the bus for about 20 minutes while we showered, got ready and dressed. As we entered the bus, I looked at the driver, and he didn't seem happy. "I'm sorry.."I said, quickly walking past him. There was a table in the back with a big "U" shaped cushion. I sat in the middle. Louis sat on one side of me and Emily the other. Soon enough, everyone whipped out their phones. I think I fell asleep, because when I woke up, no one except the driver was on the bus. I got up and went to him. "Where is everyone?" I asked, wiping my eyes.  "They went inside the studio about 20 minutes ago. Probably getting ready now. You should be able to catch the beginning of the interview." He smiled at me and I ran inside of the studio. I went backstage, and sure enough, there they were sitting around getting their makeup done. I went over to Louis. "Well don't you look pretty." I ask mockingly. "Shut up." He said sarcastically. After a few minutes, a producer came back and said they were ready to start filming. They boys got up, but before Louis went out on stage he kissed me. Not some normal kiss, he kissed me in a way he never had before. He looked back at me and smiled before he went on stage. I went and sat in the audience. Emily stayed backstage, watching from the side. Hope they boys do good.


.Louis's P.O.V.


I saw Selena sit down in the audience, and I smiled at her. No one was out there except her. Then, the interview began. We got asked questions about the 2013 tour, our friendship, and everything else imaginable. Then, came the questions about relationship. "So guys. Who here has a special lady?" Niall, Zayn, Harry, and I raised out hands. "Oh, Liam, you don't have a girlfriend?" The interviewer asked. "No.. Me and Trichie broke up two days ago. She said I wasn't 'The One.'" Liam responded sadly. "So Louis, Niall, Harry, and Zayn are lucky fellas. Whats your girlfriends names guys?" He asked. Harry spoke first. "My girlfriend's name is Betsy." He said. "My girlfriend's name is Sarah." Zayn said happily. "I have the one and only Emily." Niall said, smiling. Then it was my turn. "I am the luckiest guy, to have Selena as my girlfriend." I looked out in the audience, but she wasn't there, only a piece of paper. I suddenly started to panic inside, but stayed cool on the outside. It was about another hour before the interview finished. I quickly got up and went to the spot that Selena had been sitting in. I read the note: 'I told her to stay away from you Lou, now shes going to pay.' " I was frozen. I didn't know what to do. I clenched the note and ran backstage. "Guys, we have a problem." 

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