Let Me Take You To Another World

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42. chapter 42


Emily's P.O.V.


We arrived at the dress shop around noon. I grabbed my bag out of the back seat and Selena got her phone from the counsel. We walked in and met with the lady inside. She led us to the back room which had thousands of dresses in it. "Woah.." Selena said in astonishment. "So. What are you ladies looking for? Sweetheart neckline?Mermaid silhouette?Ball gown? Work with me people." I looked at Selena and she looked at me. "Well. How about this. Since you probably don't know what most of those things look like, try finding something you like. Have a look around, pick out a few, and try different things on." She put up her hands. "Frilly dresses to the right." She shook her right hand. "Less frilly and fluffy to the left." I went straight to the left and Selena went to the right. I turned and looked at her. "You?Frilly dresses?" She nodded. "Always wanted a dress like my moms." I turned away, heading into a rack of dresses.


Selena's P.O.V.


I searched through racks and racks of dresses. Nothing seemed to be clicking. I was on the last rack on the more frilly side and i found it. It was like something snapped in my head telling me this was my dress. I pulled the dress off the rack and headed into the changing room. There, 2 other women helped me into the dress. They put a short veil around my head and I walked out. Emily was sitting on a chair in front of the curtain with a dress draped over her lap. When I walked out, she threw her hand over her mouth. A tear of happiness rolled down my face. I knew this was my dress. I went over to the mirror and examined how it looked. The ruffles fell perfectly to the floor. I steeped from the pedestal and asked if I could have some beading done. I told her what I wanted and she nodded. Emily went and changed. I sat in the chair and sipped a cup of coffee the woman had given me. "I know she will find her dress." i said to myself, smiling.


Emily's P.O.V.


I stepped out. "You. Shut up. I don't want to know how I look. Do not tell me, I will see for myself." Selena looked at the ground smiling. I walked over to the mirror with closed eyes, I partially opened on and stared into the mirror. "I love it." I whispered under my breath. "So..Are you saying Yes To The Dress?" She woman asked. "I'm saying yes to the dress.' (SEE MY TV SHOW REFERENCE? XD) I said smiling. We payed for our dresses wit the credit cards Louis got us when we first came to London with him. Both of us left the dresses with the shopkeeper. We waved goodbye and headed for the car. Once in the car, we rested out heads on the seat rest. "One week and we will be married." Selena said, looking over at me. I just smiled and looked at the sun. "One week.." I repeated.


EXTRA: If you wanna see the dresses here




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