Let Me Take You To Another World

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41. chapter 41


*Le Next Day*


Selena' P.O.V.


I lazily got out of bed. Yesterday was the best day of rest ever. I got to sleep all day, Louis somehow managed to not get our baby killed, and I didn't have to do a single thing. I yawned as I slid on my slippers and walked out of the room. I stopped dead in my tracks. The kitchen was a mess, there was diapers all

over the room, Harry was passed out on the couch, Louis was walking around the room bouncing Tommy as he fell asleep, Niall was just putting Isabella in her crib, Zayn and Liam we're sleeping at the kitchen counter, and the floor was filthy. "What..happened?" I asked him, walking over and taking Tommy. "I heard none of this happening yesterday." I said, bouncing Tommy. "Louis crashed onto the recliner. "Is it always going to be like this...ya know. Taking care of Tommy? Its more of a job than my singing career!" He said jokingly. I giggled and walked over to the window. With my free hand I looked out the window. Reporters and camera men were still outside on the lawn. I sighed and walked Tommy around. I looked down at him and she was sound asleep. I layed him in his crib on the other side of the room and tiptoed over to Louis. "If you guys can't take care of him for one day without this much of a mess, can you handle them while we go dress shopping?" Louis put his hand up on his chest and acted as if he was going to have a heart attack. "Selena...You just hurt my pride." I pushed his shoulder and got dressed.


Emily's P.O.V.


Me and Selena got ready to go to the bridal boutique. "Now. You guys have Diapers, formula, and anything else you may need?" I asked them. They nodded. "And your not going to make the house burn down?" Selena asked seriously. "You're funny..." Zayn said mockingly. "I'm serious! You guys saw how the house was yesterday!" I kissed Niall and Selena said goodbye to Louis. She grabbed the keys out of Louis' pants pocket and kissed him and we left. Selena got in the drivers seat and I got in the passengers. She looked at me. "Can you believe that in less that a week we're going to be married?" I said excitedly. "No. It doesn't seem real." She smiled and started the car, backing out of the driveway.

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