Let Me Take You To Another World

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4. chapter 4


Louis's P.O.V.


Selena and Emily stared at me. "What?" I asked them. Selena spoke first. "What do you mean what? You just told us that you want us to pack up everything, drop everything that were doing, and move to London with you? Your crazy! As much as I love you its a little short notice." She said. Emily just stared back and forth and me and Niall. "Thats what I was planning, yes." I said. "Is there a problem?" I asked. "Is there a problem?" Selena asks. "Oh I don't know. Is there a problem in the fact that you want me and her to move to a whole different country?" She said. "I don't see one..." Niall said, looking at Selena. She rolled her eyes. "As much as I love you guys.. As much as I love One direction.. I just don't know if I can make that commitment for a boy. I have school and were leaving for college in two years." Emily said. "Who needs college when you can come on tour with us?" Niall asked. "Us!" We both said. The car stopped. "Why has the car stopped?" Selena asked. "Because. Were here." The blindfolds went back on the girl's eyes and we led them of the car. We entered a building and took their blind folds back off. 


Selena's P.O.V.

"An airport?" I shouted. "I'm not doing this!" I said, trying to escape Louis grasp. He grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me. I stopped thrashing and kissed him back. "Better?" He said with a smirk. He led us to the gate and handed the lady four tickets. We walked down the tunnel and onto our flight. I sat by Louis and Emily sat by Niall. "Louis. You didn't even let us take anything with us! Our parents probably think were still out back!" I exclaimed. "No need to worry about that. I had management dress up as your Social Studies teacher and go to both of your parent's houses. They think your going on a mission trip to Africa for the year." Louis said. "They agreed?!" Emily shouted. "Well. We didn't get a call say they didn't, so they must have." I stared at Emily. "Excuse us for a minute. I got up from my seat and grabbed Emily by the wrist. I led her to the bathroom and locked the door. "Emily. Do you released what has happened to us today?" I asked her. "Well. We got kidnapped by Two out of the five guys of One Direction, and now their taking us to London with them." Emily responds. "And your okay with this?!" I ask, exasperated. "Well. Right now, we have no time to not be ok with it." A woman's voice comes over the loud speaker. "Passengers, if you would please take your seats, the plane will be taking of in two minutes. Me and Emily step out of the bathroom and see it. The other boys are sitting in front of Louis and Niall. "We can't go out there!" I say. They have no idea were here!" Emily pushes me forward. We take our seats by the aisle next to Louis and Niall. Harry, Liam, and Zayn all turn around. "Who are these girls?" Harry asked. "They look familiar. Zayn says. "This is Selena." Louis says, pointing to me. "And this is Emily." Niall says, pointing to her. "And that means what to us?" Liam asks. "These are the girls we met back at the signing. They are coming back to London with us." Everyone got wide eyed except Louis and Niall. "Louis.." Harry began. Louis put his hand up. "I don't want to hear it." The plane began to move forward and everyone turned around and faced forward. Longest plane ride ever...

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