Let Me Take You To Another World

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39. chapter 39


Selena's P.O.V.


I layed in the back of the seat, wincing in pain. I didn't even have to move now for my back to be in pain. Every single bump we went over pained me. "Louis. Can you drive a little faster?" I asked. "Babe. I'm already going 80 down a busy highway. Doing all I can." He took his right hand and reached back to me. I grasped it and held onto it. "It's going to be okay." He said, trying to calm me down. As contractions came and went, it seemed like hours before we made it to the hospital. When we finally did, there was a point I was laying in the car by myself because they had went to find help. Paramedics carefully lifted me out of the car. At least it felt better than when Louis and Niall helped me. I was wheeled into surgery, obviously I couldn't give birth, so they had to do a cesarean section.


*After birth, cause again, I ain't going into the details cause y'all don't need to have the birds and bees talk with me on a One Direction page xD*


Louis' P.O.V.


It was 3 hours before Selena came out of surgery. Doctor said everything was fine and that I could see Selena. By now, all the boys were here. Harry bought Selena a balloon in the gift shop along with a black magic marker. He didn't know the gender of the baby, so he bought a boy balloon, but also the marker in case it was a girl. We filed into the room and I closed the door behind myself. "Hey babe!" I said going over to Selena and hugging her. A doctor walked into the room. "Ms Blackwell, Mr. Tomlinson, Your baby is doing fine. Congratulations, you have a baby boy!" My eyes lit up. I always wanted a baby boy, and now i had one. I sat on the edge of the bed and hugged Selena. "Yes!" Harry shouted. "I got the right balloon! Mission: SUCCESS." We all laughed and joked around. Eventually everyone said their congratulations and went home. Selena had to spend the night in the hospital, so i pushed the recliner next to her bed. "I'm not going anywhere babe." I said smiling at her an wrapping my fingers in hers.

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