Let Me Take You To Another World

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31. chapter 31


Emily's P.O.V.


We discussed the note some more, and went back to doing what we were doing. Selena was on Skype, when she got a Video Chat request from her parents. Quickly she shut my laptop. She stood up and looked at Louis. "Alright. We need paint, a large canvas, and Niall to make some animal noises." She said. "I'll go get the canvas. There

's paint in the basement." Quickly he grabbed his car keys and rushed out the door. "Be back!" He yelled before closing the door. Selena rushed down the basement stairs and grabbed the can of green, tan, red, blue, and red. Carefully, she carried them up the stairs and set them on the counter. Out of breath, she sat at the counter. Louis came home 10 minutes later with a large package of canvas. "Whats this about?" He asked. "My parents want to Video chat. You told them I was in Africa for a year on a mission trip when you first kidnapped us. They think I'm still there. If they see I'm in an expensive flat, they'll know you were lying." She responded. Quickly, we lay the canvas n the floor and open the paint cans. Selena grabs a huge paint brush and begins to paint half built houses. Trees surround the area and birds are flying around. By the time she is done, everyone was standing around her. "You can paint?" Liam asked. She stood up and looked down. "Yeah..never really told anyone that either. Hehe." We hung strings from the ceiling and punched holes in the canvas. We put the string through the holes so the canvas hung. It really did look like Africa. "Nice job Selena." Zayn remarked. "Thanks." She walked over to the corner and grabbed a random hardhat. "Really? A hardhat in the flat?" She asked. "IT WAS ON SALE." Harry yelled laughing. She rolled her eyes and put it on her head. She opened her laptop back up. As soon as it showed her online, her parents requested to chat. "Niall. When I sneeze, start making some animal noises" He nodded, and reluctantly, she clicked yes.


Selena's P.O.V.


"Hi Mom! Hi Dad!" I said, smiling. "Hi sweetie!" They said in harmony. "How is Africa?" My dad asked. "Great. We were just working on some houses now!" I said, patting my hard hat. "I'm so proud that you volunteered to go to Africa for a whole year just to help the less fortunate." My mom said smiling. "Ahchoo!" I said, fake sneezing. Niall began making the worst animal noises ever. He tried a monkey, but sounded like a dying whale. "What is that?" My mom asked. Emily stepped on Niall's foot. "Ow!" He yelled quite loud, and tripped. He hit the canvas and tore it down, revealing the blue wall of the flat with a painting on it. "I looked at my mom and dad, embarrassed. "Selena???Whats going on. Where are you?" My dad said sounding angry as hell. "Well um... Remember how a few months ago I went to the One Direction concert? Wellllllllll Louis and Nial wanted me and Emily to move to London with them but we didn't want to so they kidnapped us and took us with the against our will so in other words we've been living in London for the last 4 months." I ended my sentence there, only because I ran out of breath. My mom and Dad stared at me. I saw my dad's face boil to a dark red. "Your coming home right now. And if you won't come home, we are coming to get you." He angrily clicked off. "NIALL." I screamed. He looked at me, speechless. "I'm sorry..." He mumbled. I slid onto the couch, putting my hands over my face. What the hell just happened?

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