Let Me Take You To Another World

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30. chapter 30


Emily's P.O.V.


Not even a day had passed and we were already talking about wedding plan. The boys went out with each other bowling, so me and Selena had some time alone. She grabbed a pad of paper. "So Emily. How are you?" I looked a her. "I couldn't be more happy. We're in London, We're pregnant AND getting married. I couldn't be more excited." I

said smiling. All of a sudden, there was a loud crash. We looked around, and saw a window was shattered. It was a rock that had a..piece of paper tied to it? I got up and grabbed the paper and the rock, bringing it back over to the couch. I sat down and tore the paper off the rock. I unfolded it and read it out loud. "You may be pregnant and engaged, but that doesn't mean anything. Still anyone's game. -Elli and Hannah." I turned to face Selena, whose face was white like she had just seen a ghost. "We're going to be okay Selena. Niall and Louis, well, any of the boys won't let anything happen to us." I gave her a slight hug and got up, walking to the kitchen. I grabbed an apple from the fruit basket. It was very bruised though so I threw it away and grabbed a new one. I went and sat back down on the couch. Selena was still sitting there, quiet as can be. "Selena..?" I said, shaking her leg. She shook her head like she was coming back into reality. "I'm sorry." She whispered. "We are going to be okay." I said confidently. "We can talk to the boys about it when they get back. Okay?" She nodded, still looking worried.


Louis's P.O.V.


We got back from bowling around 1 o' clock. We walked in the door laughing from a joke Harry had made. I saw Emily and Selena sitting on the couch, looking scared out of their minds. I rushed over to them and found the note. I read it appalled. I hugged them both. "Its going to be okay6. Nothing is going to happen to you guys, I promise." I passed the note to the other boys, and they looked at me, then at the girls. "You guys deffinatly picked the right ones with Hannah and Elli." Harry said, trying to be sarcastic. I glared at him. "Not funny. Their out to hurt them and I don't think its funny." My phone began to ring. It was Shan from management. "Hey Shan." I said. "Selena's pregnant?!?!" She yelled into the phone. I sighed. "Press found out?" She skwaked somethings over the phone. How this could hurt our career as a band, hurt me personally, things like that. "At least they didn't find out about Emily being pregnant." I said seriously. "Oh no. They found that out too. They know that you and Selena and Niall and Emily are engaged to. How could you let this happen? We worked so hard to keep your guy's rep up. You know how much this is going to cost you guys?" I hung up. I couldn't take anymore of it. "Who was that?" Zayn asked. "Shan. Press found out about us being engaged and them being pregnant. Shan's pissed at us now and thinks things are going to go downhill, fast." I looked back and forth from the guys and the girls. They were all shocked.

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